Skritter Users who wanna help out?

Any Skritter users (@joeymac1981?) who’re willing to help me with testing the Skritter integration?

It’s actually pre-testing at this point. I don’t have goals working, and just a shell of a landing page, but I’ve got authentication working and it’d be a real help if someone who actually uses Skritter could authenticate so I’ve got some actual data to for testing as I work out the rest of the details about beeminding Skritter progress.

All you need to do is visit which will take you through authorizing Beeminder to read your skritter account.

It looks like the Skritter API provides amount of time studied, which would be a good metric to beemind, but also has some information about characters / words studied, which might be thing people would beemind as well?


I authenticated, but landing at a Fitbit goal page afterwards didn’t seem like the right thing :wink:

I’m already minding minutes skrittered manually, so that is the obvious thing to get automated for me. The other metrics aren’t all that interesting to beemind for me since they are non-deterministic in how much time they require.

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Would love to help out Bethany! I am just away at the moment for the Easter
Long Weekend, but once I am back to reality I’ll sign up.

Thanks so much for devoting your time to making this happen!! :slight_smile:

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Alright, thanks for authing! I’ve been able to make a bit of progress with this. And I get mysterious bug to track down the Fitbit redirect after authentication… yeesh! Misfit and IFTTT are both pretty close to ready to launch, at which point Skritter gets all my attention :slight_smile:

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Ok, so the landing page here creates goals

Only metric so far is time studied per day, which is all nice and functional!

There are some other progress statistics, but I’m not sure which of these might be useful to people or not?

Here’s what else I can get from the API:

      "remembered"=>{ "week"=>31, "all"=>38532, "day"=>7, "month"=>175},
      "learned"=>{ "week"=>8, "all"=>5736, "day"=>2, "month"=>49},
      "studied"=>{ "week"=>50, "all"=>74927, "day"=>11, "month"=>331},
      "learning"=>{ "week"=>-8, "all"=>-21, "day"=>-2, "month"=>-15}},
      "remembered"=>{...}, "learned"=>{...}, "studied"=>{...}, "learning"=>{...}},
      "remembered"=>{ ... }, "learned"=>{ ... }, "studied"=>{ ... }, "learning"=>{ ... }},
      "remembered"=>{ ... }, "learned"=>{ ... }, "studied"=>{ ... }, "learning"=>{ ... }},
    "tone"=>{ ... }, "rdng"=>{ ... }, "rune"=>{ ... }, "defn"=>{ ... }}

Can anyone help me out on what of this stuff might be beemindable? I’m not sure what the difference between “word” and “rune” are, and I don’t know for example whether “remembered” or “studied” or "learned/ing would be most useful? Which is most under your control (i.e. “input”), maybe “studied”?

Also… how can some of these have negative numbers?

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There are four parts:

  • "rune": writing prompts (English definition and sometimes reading -> write the characters)
  • "tone": tone prompts (characters -> what are the tones?)
  • "rdng": reading prompts (characters -> what is the pinyin?)
  • "defn": definition prompts (characters -> what is the definition?)

Then you have that for both "word" (multi-character words) and "char" (single characters) types.

So you might want to Beemind number of character writings learned, or word definitions learned, something like that. (I would recommend just going for study time.)

Then there’s "studied" (reviewed an item) and "remembered" (reviewed it and got it right), from which you can calculate a retention rate.

Then there’s "learned" (how many items you have added and will remember for at least 12 hours from now) and "learning" (the ones that have been added to your studies but you have either recently forgotten or just haven’t solidified yet).


Maybe I just wasn’t observant when I clicked through 1) the API connecting 2) creating the automated goal - but is there any way to select which language we’re beeminding? Personally I’m just learning Japanese, so maybe there is no ambiguity in the system unless I learn both.

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I connected my account as well and definitely have a goal of getting my practice queue down, so please let me know what I can do



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FWIW, I feel that this question just gained relevance. My Skritter stats on the web site say I’ve skrittered for 4 minutes today (small steps and all that …), but my beta goal doesn’t agree and is still stuck at 0.

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Ooh, Thanks for the heads up! I’ll figure out what’s going on :smile:

@natenshon I should probably create a test account on Skritter so I know what you’re talking about… Sounds like they give you a queue of things that need review, (I’m guessing kind of like Anki…) – This sounds potentially beemindable, but does the number fluctuate around from day to day? Like if you study a bunch today it’ll go down, but then start climbing again if you don’t study for a while?

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Yes, the queue increases with time and is what you need to test out again. When the queue gets to more or less 0, you start to see new words.

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Agree with @larsivi, and it seems like either reducing this or keeping it in a range would be very beemindable i.e. keep your queue 100 or less, and this would also push you to study more

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It definately sounds beemindable, although I don’t think it is a measure I will use. My day is such anything that potentially takes longer than I thought is problematic when it comes to making hard commitments. As such just beeminding minutes is what I will use (as I’ve been doing manually for quite some time).

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OK, I’m trying to imagine how this would work. Beeminding numbers that fluctuate around non-monotonically is suboptimal, but beeminding it as a Do Less might make sense? Though it wouldn’t quite work with a do less goal straight out of the box, since they are auto-summing. If you had a limit of 10 items in your queue today and started the day with a limit of only 8, you’d need to study two words to get down below 8 items in your queue, but then we’d need to either update the original datapoint, or change the goal type to deal with…

Is the queue directly under your control? Like if it’s at 10 I study one word/character/rune, and then it goes down to 9?

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Probably, although you will have to answer correctly for it to drop. It will most likely have increased again later in the day though.

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The other thing to Beemind that would be simpler is new character learning, or number of reviews, which could be set to a certain number per day. The queue is much more like a weight loss goal.

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Hey, so I discovered and fixed (I believe) a bug that was causing me to delete skritter auth tokens – I was not not checking for valid results when refreshing the tokens and overwrote with nils… (oh egads quietly facepalms).

So check out your goals and follow instructions to re-add?


Uhm, Skritter is not among the services I can add to my account?

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Oh yeah, I hadn’t put it in yet because it’s pre-launch still. There now.


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When refreshing the goal after authenticating again, I get (for a short while): Can’t fetch data! We got an error trying to connect. Write if this persists. Meanwhile we’ll update your goal without new data.

Also, should I expect data from previous days (but after I created the goal)?

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