Syncing issues (Runkeeper / Sleep) / Graph by Units of one only

Hey everyone, need to post here because otherwise I’ll continue to push this off… I’ve tried to reach out to Beeminder support but haven’t heard back yet…

I’ve been having issues syncing Runkeeper and Sleep as Android with Beeminder… I’ve tried disallowing and reallowing sharing permissions. Also, I downloaded the .99$/year Sleep Cloud so that’s not the issue. Since these receive automatic data from the synced apps (Sleep / Runkeeper), I can’t just manually enter data in. If anyone could help me that’d be great.

Also, for a separate goal, I’m trying to set a goal where I do something about once / month to start. I know this is quite infrequent but it’s a start for now. Is there a way to have the graph progress by units of one? It’s not really possible to go on .45 of a date, but it is possible to go on one! Lol

I do not know anything about Sleep as Android the “progress by units of one” thing is referred to as integery. If you have a custom goal you can toggle it yourself in the custom goal section.