feature request - refresh browser page when tab re-opened

I quite often leave my page of beeminder goals open as a browser tab. Then the next day, when I click on that tab, I sometimes forget to hit refresh before I add a datapoint. This means the datapoint gets added for the wrong date, since the page still thinks it’s yesterday’s date in all the data-adding widgets.

Of course I could just hit refresh in the first place, or go fix the data afterwards, but maybe you could spot the tab re-selection in javascript, and if it’s a new day, refresh the page for me? My javascript is still too trial-and-error to know what the right event is, but maybe it’s when you get the focus() event or something like that…

This is with Chrome as my browser, on Windows.


This is even worse if you’re entering a data point that puts you on the wrong side of the road, as adding such a point for the current day does not derail you, but adding one for the previous day immediately derails you.

Does this describe (more or less) what you are looking for?

It’s more that I want it refreshed as soon as I view it, rather than when a datapoint got added. Even if I view it by clicking on a tab in my browser that simply brings the already-opened page back into view, I want it refreshed as it is presented to me. Then I know I’ll always be adding a datapoint for today’s date, even if the hidden tab was showing the page with yesterday’s date.

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The iOS app really trained me to refresh everything Beeminder before doing anything with it :wink: (Though even then the app will happily use the wrong day for your datapoint. It looks like it ignores the deadline setting and just uses the real “today” as “today” instead of the beeminder “today”).

In any case the dashboard tends to get stale and guessing from this discussion we’d like it if it didn’t but showed more up-to-date data. One way or the other.

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