Residue goal in Android app

I changed the slug of one my goals yesterday (the slug included -beta after it started while the service was in Beeminder beta). Checking the app today, the goal is now shown twice, once with the new slug and once with the old. The old one doesn’t get updates, so now it thinks I’m going to derail tonight even though the actual goal is currently blue.

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The Android app doesn’t handle slug renames correctly. You can log out and back in again as a workaround.


Thanks @drtall! (And to @larsivi for reporting the bug!) And just @-mentioning @saranli here. If this is the biggest issue with the Android app then we are doing great but definitely a bug worth fixing.

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Nothing happens if you derail on a zombie goal in Beedroid, only the real goals you can see on the website count.
Like @drtall said, if you Sign out of the Android app, and then sign in again it will clear out the broken goals.

@saranli it would be good if there was a way to remove individual goals. Long-press, ‘Delete goal’ from the menu maybe.

(Although ‘Delete goal’ is not a good wording, anyone got a better suggestion?)


Well, it does amuse me (and go towards my position argued elsewhere) that slug renaming is a premium feature and that it works worse than the for-free features on the app. :slight_smile:


Thanks! That worked :slight_smile:

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I’ll work on this problem for the next app release. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The next release (2.4.3) will include a reasonable fix for this. When you hit the manual sync button, the local list of goals will be compared to the server list and stale ones will be removed. This is implemented and being tested right now, I am hoping to release an update soon.