Feel like having a competition?

I’m feeling a little competitive. Would anyone else like to try a competition with each other for a limited time? (Maybe 2 weeks?)

I have plans for a longer-term competition in the future, but I thought we could dip our toes in the water with something short term. We could each pick any goal on which we would like to really push ourselves for a couple of weeks, set it to a challenging but doable rate. (I’ll leave it to you what you think that is for yourself, but I’m thinking of it as the opportunity to try 3/4 of my “ideal” rate on some goal or other for which I’m far from that (like a new-ish goal or one I’ve never pushed very hard) for a two-week span, to see how it feels.)

The person with the most safe days accumulated at the end (turn “safe days” off in your settings!) wins. Just for bragging rights; no need to put anything on the line or anything.

Are there others out there who would like to challenge themselves for a couple of weeks on a specific goal?


I’ll bite! I don’t know which goal I’d choose, but I’ll have a think :slight_smile: