Seeking hosts for Personal Hackathon events next weekend :D

Have some big project that you’ve been putting off? One that needs more concentrated attention than just beeminding 30mins/day?

Host a Personal Hackathon!

In particular, host one next weekend, when I’m going to be showing off Complice’s new Custom Schedule Coworking Rooms! (There are already pomodoro-based coworking rooms) And I can provide you with a snack budget!

It’s an event that’s very easy to host: just get people to show up ready to work, then enforce the work/break blocks (which is made even easier by the Complice room). Here’s the Facebook event description I used: (go ahead and copy it for making your own)

(“Hackathon” in this case doesn’t specifically refer to coding. I mean, you can code! But you can also hack on yourself. Or whatever! Do something meaningful! There’s a list of ideas below.)


  1. Form a small group of similarly committed people. ✓
  2. Commit to a date, time, and location to get stuff done. ✓
  3. Decide on what you want to accomplish.
  4. Arrive on time fully prepared to get stuff done.
  5. Work as intensely as you possibly can for every work cycle.
  6. Actively rest during the breaks.
  7. Celebrate after you’re done!


What you can do is practically limitless. Here are a few examples:

    • Process email inbox completely down to zero
    • Advance a critical work project
    • Prepare job applications
    • Read through backlogged documents
    • Write out life plan and life goals
    • Begin tackling a life goal (e.g., learning a new language or writing a book)
    • Set up financial accounts
    • Take practice exams

For more info, see

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