New Design: Goal description edits don't stick

I attempted to modify my goal description via clicking on the field at the top of the goal page. (Related: this field isn’t wide enough to display the whole descriptive text)

After typing in my desired description, I clicked outside the field (in absence of any other instructions). When I went to “settings”, the description had not updated, and when I went to leave the page, I was prompted that “This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.” The description was indeed not saved upon returning to the goal page.


Noted! If you press enter it saves – but that’s maybe not obvious enough?

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That does work on my end, but it’s definitely not obvious.

It also ignores your edit if you change it under Settings and click Update Goal, as far as I can see, which is a clear bug.

EDIT: wait, maybe only if you’re deleting the description under Settings. Still a bug.

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@kenoubi and @gretchen these should both be fixed now! I have it behaving the same as Trello’s card titles: if you click anywhere outside the input box (for the inline editor) it saves it for you. If you’re still in the input box and you refresh the page, though, the edits don’t persist, which I think is standard/expected behavior. It does still show you the warning if you’re still focused on the text box.

The form in settings behaves like a normal form but allows you to clobber the text entirely.


Ha. I am sure I had the same or a very similar problem right now, but I can’t reproduce it. Pressing enter definitely works. I’ve had a few description edits not stick before but now I can’t point to what it was. I’m sure that something didn’t exactly work as I would have expected though, that’s why I’m replying anyway. I’ll come back when I find out what it was. :slight_smile:


This thread might be related:

I definitely experienced the bug in that thread but think I’ve had the description edit not stick in other situations than just editing the fine print as well.