How do the alerts work?

I have a goal with Starts Alerts set to 9:00am, Lead Days set to 0, and Deadline set to 00:00am. I have the iOS app installed and logged in, with notifications enabled. The beeminder website recognized that and has the iOS checkmark ticked. I also checked the Slack DM option. I have yet to receive a notification on either platform.

I would like to receive a notification at 9:00am every day, reminding me to log my data. How do I set that up?

Beeminder notifications are (mostly) geared to hassle you on days when you’re in danger of derailing. So in your case they’d start at 9am and happen with increasing frequency until you’d done enough the get back on the road.

To get a reminder on non-emergency days too, set the lead days to something greater than zero. Some people use that to get a few days’ notice that they’ve got a big task coming, but you could set it to a larger value so that you get a reminder every day.

Maybe I have a fundamental misunderstanding of what reminders are.

I want automation that polls me for my data every morning at 9:00am rather than me having to remember to put in my data. I want this to be independent of how on-track or off-track I am, and for it to not remind me any more for the day once I submit data regardless of how on-track and off-track I am.

Is this possible?


We had this feature for a while but it was more confusing to people, so we simplified it to only remind you when you’re close to derailing on a goal. Reminding you to enter data also seemed duplicative with the native reminders app - have you tried setting that up for a daily ping at 9am to enter data?


"native reminders app"
what is this? Is it a separate app or a function of the beeminder app?
I’m eesentially looking for the same function as this user- I wan the app to allert me twice a day to prompt me to enter my data.

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I was referring to the app called Reminders that comes with iOS. You can set up recurring reminders with it - if you swipe down from the home screen and search for it it should come up.

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Fair enough. That’s a reasonable hack. I’ll give it a go. Cheers.

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