Trouble and confusion creating a whittle-down goal

Ok, so I wanted to create a whittle-down goal, went through the help section, and was horribly confused.

At no point in the goal creation process does it ask for a rate or end date. So after making it I got a road with slope zero.

Then I tried to change the slope/end date with the road editor on the goal page and ran into a very weird bug where a date showed up in the “end value” field, and it wouldn’t let me update. I had to delete that line.

All in all, the process of creating a whittle-down goal is incredibly confusing and clear, and the help docs don’t provide much help.

I also want to report that this “rate cannot be 0” bug is still there - I also experienced this during the process of goal creation after hitting the “back” button.



So after completing my whittle-down goal, I restarted it, and was presented with this:

Looks great - why isn’t the user presented with the option for how much to commit to when creating the goal?

@dreev @shanaqui

This kind of design question is something I can’t answer. :slight_smile: