goal view: tabs are empty on Safari (on first load)

On Safari https://www.beeminder.com/user/goalslug#data (without #tab as well) gives you an empty tab
In fact all tabs are empty. Refreshing the page then makes the issue go away.
Basically whenever I open the goal view I need to hit refresh to have a working page


Thanks for reporting! But the bad news: I’m failing to reproduce this. Anyone else seeing this? Or have more hints?

I don’t generally use Safari, but I just tried and I can’t reproduce it either.

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I can’t reproduce it either. OS X 10.11.5, Safari 9.1.1 (11601.6.17).

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I managed to spot this in the wild (once). I confirmed that there was a bottomTab set in localStorage (#statistics) but when I opened the javascript console, running $("a[href='" + bottomTab + "']").tab("show");

…had no effect. Normally you can run this line manually and it’ll swap your tabs for you.

So my best guess is that this happens when something goes wrong with loading all the javascript on the page, either because of CDN/Stripe/other wonkiness, or if things are cached wrong, or dozens of other potential reasons.