Inconsistent tab-navigation on dashboard

Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve been encountering it daily on Firefox 99.0.1 (64-bit) (Windows 10) for quite some time now.

I’m on the dashboard, with all goals in the expanded view. When I want to add today’s data to a blue goal, I click on the datapoint entry field and I enter a value. I press tab to allow me to enter a comment, but

then I’m transported to the date entry dropdown of a goal one or more down on the page. The number of goals I’m jumping down varies deterministically based on the goal I started from (seems to hold between refreshes). Pressing tab again jumps me to the comment entry field I originally wanted to reach.

I would expect to be able to tab from the datapoint entry field to the comment entry field, just like I can for any other goal (red, orange and green).

I’ve reproduced this in a private browser window, with and without the Beebrowse extension. It really only seems to happen with blue goals, which I only just realized, and is the reason I’m posting about this bug.

Hope I’m not going crazy :slight_smile:

As was highly probable, this happening with blue goals was a red herring :slight_smile: I’ll keep looking out for a pattern worth mentioning.

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@bee, some more digging uncovered the following. The tabindex of every data point entry field is the same as the tabindex of the preceding date entry dropdown. I’ve confirmed this seems to cause the issue by manually fixing the tab indices of my dashboard and using the Inspector to replace the html, resulting in no more wonky tabbing.

For posterity, I “fixed” the indices with the following vim macro (in register q, with ^A representing a literal Ctrl-A and with nowrapscan set, following a search for tabindex="\zs\d\+):


I knew vim golf would come in handy one day! :wink: I didn’t go for a minimal solution, though.

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