Gratitude journaling together

  1. A chance conversation reminded me to order hot pepper seeds, just in time to start germinating them indoors at around the right time!
  2. I slept a lot last night!
  3. I bought some nice tonic water when I was out for groceries today so I’m looking forward to a good G&T later…
  1. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i’ll be in bed before 1 a.m. tonight. not even gonna turn on my laptop anymore (writing this on my phone, which i don’t usually). it’s not that i’m overly tired/exhausted from today (although i am tired), i simply don’t feel the need for mindless laptop-ing, which is nice!
  2. i’m grateful we had a wonderful walk in the snow today! it was very beautiful. i even built a tiny snowperson in a tree!
    let’s see if image linking works from phone.
  3. i’m grateful i didn’t think/stress about work all weekend. this is something i’ve always been good at, i think (not thinking about work during non-work-times), but i’m still very grateful for it! it’s especially important for the newer job, which has reliably been mostly stressful and annoying so far. so it’s great to be able to leave all the worries and insanities behind me / for monday-me to deal with XD
  1. I have been doing stretches consistently lately and have started to notice that I’m a little more fexible.
  2. I have found some good presents for my nieces who I’ll be seeing next week for the first time since before the pandemic started.
  3. Jam shortbread biscuits.
  1. My mum will be coming with me to the dentist. (Dentist phobia. :grimacing:)
  2. More of my nerdy FFXIV merch will be arriving today.
  3. Now I have a massive fluffy oversized hoodie I can put on if I’m still cold with an average of 2.5 layers of clothes! (Vest, thermal long-sleeve shirt, t-shirt; thermal 180 denier footless tights with socks, jeans. How am I still cold?!)
  1. Costco grocery run was fast and efficient!
  2. After having a tough time yesterday, my brother came up with some ideas on his own for a very small web app that might help him, and his friend has agreed to build it.
  3. The small web app conversation reminded me that RShiny is a thing I learned, and could likely brush up on to build some of my own dashboards.
  4. My new gimmicky Do Less spending goal + meta goal are already having good effects (e.g. I put a relevant Humble Bundle on a wishlist instead of just buying it immediately)
  5. The Google Assistant chime routine I set up is really helpful for time-blindness.
  1. i’m grateful for my beeminder stickers, which just arrived today! they came at the perfect time: after i’d been (im)patiently waiting and then forgotten about them XD so, double the nice surprise; yay!

  2. i finally finished my first beeminder journal entry! it’s a lot! if you think my posts here sometimes get long, you probably don’t want to take a look at “enbee’s entries” XD (love the title i came up with! absolutely adore alliterations!)

  3. i’m grateful that i have an unprompted job-offer for a third job. i have no idea if i’ll take it. if i should take it. i’ll probably end up asking for an interview / face-to-face-convo to understand better what exactly it would entail / how much the commitment would be. i probably shouldn’t take it, because i already work regular overtime on both my current jobs. on the other hand, i just realised / remembered today that i’ll probably need to pay back some of my current earnings at the end of the year as is, because one job earns me so little that i’m not insured through it, but i’m insured through the other, so i have to pay insurance for the first as well, retroactively, because i’ll cross a certain threshhold … so, more money would not be bad! (even if i’d also have to pay insurance for that.)
    i guess the bottom line is that people seem to notice i’m doing a good/great job at my new job, because that’s more or less where the new offer came from. so even if won’t end up taking it, i’m grateful that people are thinking of me when they need someone to do good work :D


Nice! My best time was 59 seconds, but that was many years ago and I’m long out of practice now.

  1. While tidying up I found some large toy dinosaurs I was given ages ago. I’ve arranged them around the garden where they can peek out from behind leaves.
  2. My hairdresser. He’s a short walk away and is always nice to chat to.
  3. I was feeling tired yesterday but made myself finish my full work hours and I’m grateful for that today because I don’t have to catch up on yesterday’s time.

Sub-minute is a huge milestone, nice job! If you feel like getting back in it, there’s some really nice cubes these days :smiley:

  1. SGQ: I finished a lot of work today!
  2. Dropout’s “Um, Actually” show is delightful.
  3. Our anniversary cake is very tasty.
  1. I was able to stand up for myself at the dentist.
  2. Finished all the course material for my viral infections class – 2-3 weeks ahead of my schedule.
  3. A flexible schedule so that I can easily move things around.
  1. Had a really nice time in our “castle” holiday cottage for the last few days
  2. Saw the cats in the cattery again - they are all lovely and seem well
  3. Despite the train we were intending to catch being cancelled, we arrived at our destination before we had expected because the next train was much faster - and the conductor let us on anyway, although our tickets weren’t actually valid for it!
  1. SGQ: For the first time in four days I went to bed on time last night! Unsurprisingly, I feel more well-rested today.
  2. SodaStream means I can have sparkly orange juice whenever I want! As long as I have orange juice at all, in any rate. :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. It’s raining so hard!
  1. Geoguessr reminded me of my good fortune to have been able to live in and get so familiar with NYC during my formative years.
  2. Last day of my Latin review before the term starts, and I have my goal to thank for getting me through thirteen chapters over winter break.
  3. Refreshed motivation cues last night.
  4. The olive wood bowl my mom got me from Jerusalem that would have just collected dust can be used for my Adventure Coin system.
  5. Beeminder is just the best workplace. I love talking and working with everyone so much!
  6. Last night (while playing Geoguessr for some reason) I realized that the many conventional, but irrelevant or misleading pieces of general life advice I felt like I struggled against for a long time, have, by being so wrong, actually helped lead me down a path of self understanding! (adversarial wisdom?)
  1. I managed to get myself to go to bed early last night.
  2. Hearing lizards scuttling in the leaves in the garden outside the window next to my desk.
  3. I have three new novels that I am reading, two by one of my favourite authors.
  • I’m better at driving cars
  • I walked 1 hour and feel pretty good about it
  • I took a nap and had tons of interesting dreams
  1. self-gratitute-quota: i’m grateful that i’m in therapy. it’s not been long, i don’t really think much has changed yet, if anything, but it’s taken a super long time for me last year to actually do the work to look for and then find a therapist, so i’m very grateful and happy that i found one who i think i’m mostly happy with, and who i can afford, (and who didn’t ghost me when i asked for a first appointment, like one or two others did, LOL).
  2. i’m grateful that i had so much fun catching up on some webtoons again today! i’m grateful i was able to take the time to catch up with many week’s/month’s worth of content for quite a few of them. they’re so thrilling and/or funny and/or fascinating and/or cute/wholesome! i could really feel myself hunger for more plot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: even though it’s later again that it probably should be, i’m very happy that i’m now again caught up again with many more of them, and that the reading brought me enough joy to actually do it and continue to do it.
  3. i’m grateful work wasn’t hectic today. i wish i could have gotten home sooner, but at least it wasn’t stressful.
  1. My best friend from childhood is getting married!
  2. I have vague plans to meet up with her soon; it’s been too long, because of COVID, and we’ll still meet outside… but it’ll be nice to see her.
  3. Lisa tried to get my dental prescription filled… it didn’t work out, because they didn’t have the stuff in stock, but they tried!
  1. SGQ: I’m a good, collaborative TTRPG player! Plenty of room to grow, but also more requests to join games than I have time for, which is a good problem to have :slight_smile:
  2. My friend was telling me about her wedding plans for next October and said something along the lines of “we’re doing one big ‘royal court’ instead of separated bridesmaids and groomsmen; obviously you and your wife will be in the court” and it made me feel very loved! Also, it’s going to be at a ren faire and everyone will be in costume and it will be amazing.
  3. My wife has five days off work!
  1. Got a really nice haircut today, at a barber I used to visit a few years back
  2. Completed 10k steps by lunchtime
  3. Able to stay in a lovely flat in central London for a couple of weeks
  1. i’m grateful that i have a therapy session tomorrow. i don’t yet know if i’ll have the courage to speak about what i probably should speak about, but at least i’ll have the chance to do so :)
  2. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful to myself for making the phone call today! (regarding my potential third job, i called to ask for a face-to-face interview/conversation.) i don’t like phone calls (: in fact, i hate them (: but i did it! she didn’t pick, but then called me back (when i couldn’t pick up), but then i called back again, and we got to talking, and now we have more or less set a date. really happy that it’s almost two weeks from now, too! :D gives me much more time to chill and not think about this, before i’ll have to do some more research and start inevitably stressing about it when the day looms closer :P
  3. i’m grateful that i didn’t fight with my mum on the phone today. it was only a very short and uncomplicated call, but oftentimes our vibes are very diametrically opposed, so things can explode quickly :P
  1. I am grateful for the progress I made at work yesterday. I was persistent with a complex task that I’d been having trouble with for a while and I finished it.
  2. A mango milkshake.
  3. Sushi for a late breakfast today.