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Gratitude journaling together

  1. Great British Sewing Bee final tonight, should be fun.
  2. My skirt is nearly finished!
  3. My sister has had her first shot of the vaccine.
  1. Strawberries and cream with a liiittle bit of sugar on top.
  2. Should get my new glasses today.
  3. Listening to music while I work.
  1. Bacon-wrapped chicken for dinner.
  2. A nice chat with my hairdresser.
  3. Shorter hair.
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  1. My new glasses aren’t too different in shape so I’m not having too much difficulty getting used to them.
  2. We went to bed last night but I don’t feel too bad today.
  3. Someone has sent me a Guernsey Postcrossing postcard of “my” stamp, for real! It’s different to having the blank copies, it’s so nice to see the card (and stamp!) being really used.
  1. Some excellent news from a friend.
  2. Pet rabbits. I hear Stories and they are wonderful. :slight_smile:
  3. Jeremy made pigs in blankets for lunch.
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  1. Beeminder is so darned clever. TIL about the binary aggregation method for letting 0 count as 1.
  2. A flock of seagulls floating by the shore at high tide.
  3. Dinner with friends tonight.
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  1. My hippo skirt is finished and it’s very full and swishy.
  2. Fresh clean sheets on the bed! Always nice.
  3. Friends who are excited and supportive about things I do.
  1. It’s been a quiet day with no input from downstairs’ dog.
  2. Fun duty on FFXIV with a newer player.
  3. Feeling like just… reading. A lot. All day? A lot, at least.
  1. Managed to focus on stuff at work and get done earlier than I feared.
  2. Bellowhead released their “live” album from the lockdown performance they did.
  3. Schadenfreude is just too entertaining sometimes.
  1. Iron supplements. Hopefully they will make me feel better soon.
  2. Comfy bed. Getting into bed sounds so tempting right now.
  3. Lisa’s working really hard with me on staying on top of household chores.
  1. It’s nearly the end of therapy for me. Last session next week!
  2. A little rose that nearly died in our garden last summer got dug up and potted over the winter… but some part of it must have been missed, because the tiniest little rose is growing again in the same spot!
  3. Lisa’s managed to get the kitchen nice and tidy.
  1. Our wildflower meadow experiment seems to be working well and looks lovely.
  2. Booked my appointment for my second COVID shot today. Yay!
  3. I just went outside for some time in our garden and it was just peaceful. It’s been raining so there was rain on all the flowers and leaves and the air was very fresh, but it’s been stopped a while so there are birds around and things are perking up. One of the roses – a wild variety with big white flowers – has been throwing petals everywhere and is also still in full bloom itself. It was lovely.
  1. The British & Irish Lions game against Japan was fun, and ha, such a Welsh squad.
  2. Figuring out a way to view eARCs I receive as PDF in a way that’s a bit less eye-strainy. (I cropped the PDFs.)
  3. Getting chores done really makes the house feel nicer.
  1. Catching Venus in the sky just after sunset.
  2. Three butcherbirds turned up at the back steps for tiny cheese treats and sat within nose-bomp distance of me (they did not let their sharp little noses be bomped though).
  3. This cute comment about actor David Tennant:

you know a lot of actors find a particular niche to inhabit when it comes to their roles but you really gotta hand it to David Tennant for somehow landing the absurdly specific category of “immortals that rebelled against their oppressive and bureaucratic people because they accidentally became too fond of the human race and also have a quasi-telepathic bond with a vehicle.”

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  1. It’s funny and neat that my morning routine tied to reading a few pages of my book before looking at any screens has made it possible for me to go so long without derailing on my morning toothbrushing goal. Absurd and typical that that was the trick, for me.
  2. Lisa will be making lemon drizzle cake today.
  3. Nope, still a lot grateful for the increased tidiness and ease of hoovering the house.
  1. Preorders from Portal Bookshop!
  2. My dad’s finally rigged up something to make my treadmill work despite our tilted floor.
  3. Cookie dough.
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  1. Treadmill is not quite functional yet, but we have fairly high hopes.
  2. Got even more of the house tidied and cleaned properly today. I feel so much better for it, though I try not to kick myself about things falling by the wayside a bit when both me and Lisa are struggling with our depression.
  3. Last therapy session tomorrow; I should even be able to come off my medication.
  1. Treadmill! For real this time!
  2. Therapy done! My PTSD is massively mitigated, and we even ended up talking about rugby. (It was relevant, though, I swear.)
  3. My appointment for my second vaccine shot has been moved sooner.
  1. My hair is nice and short now.
  2. Chatting with my mum and showing her our wildflower garden.
  3. Apparently we have some oriental poppies in our garden. Surprise!
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  1. Subtle Blood by KJ Charles - a satisfying end to the Will Darling series. I love her plots.
  2. This glimpse of what the live-action Sandman series will look like is amazing.
  3. Good Omens 2 IS A THING!! It will use ideas discussed by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
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