Gratitude journaling together

  1. SGQ: I spend the day without managing my time usage
  2. Good sides of modern life
  3. This friend who has the same tastes as me recommended me an anime
  1. SGQ: I woke up in time to do a big neighborhood garage sale. Got some good stuff!
  2. Tennis lesson today felt really good, some of the movements I’ve been struggling with are really starting to click.
  3. Açai bowls for dinner.
  1. The Plushies are doing very well with being let outside in the morning & evening
  2. Lovely warm day
  3. A lazy Sunday with not much to do
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  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i got off the metro earlier and walked home longer than needed.
  • i’m grateful the uni lecture is online tomorrow. it means i can sleep a little longer, and also don’t necessarily have to shower so early in the morning already!
  • i’m grateful for a mostly chill and uneventful sunday.
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  1. SGQ: An extra apartment trip, which I was very unexcited for, to finish laundry and take another big pile of boxes home.
  2. The Dear Hank and John podcast.
  3. Getting enough ahead on chores that I had a little time to play some video games today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i was able to focus well on my reading for work before i went to the office and finished it in one go. also grateful that it didn’t take up all my pre-office-time, so i still had some time to spend freely as well!
    (wow, i wrote this only a few hours ago but it already feels like a whole other day. time is wild!)
  • i’m immensely grateful that don kept me from ordering a wrong cable yet again. will i ever have working headphones again? who knows! fingers crossed that the next cable fits, otherwise i think i’ll tear my hair out and just get new headphones probably …
  • i’m grateful it was an overall okay-to-good day. definitely some grave annoyances and negative things, but also positive things and overall nothing Horribly Bad. also, new beeminder goal to hopefully finally make me actually do my phone transfer within a (now) reasonable time, i guess that’s a big long-term-positive thing. xD
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  1. SGQ: really taking seriously my weekly review. This is the best way to get the benefits.
  2. This book: When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink | Goodreads. It turns out that energy level fluctuate around the day. I’m starting to respect my own body’s schedule instead of a theoretical one :slightly_smiling_face:. I highly recommend it to people working at home!
  3. My sister made pasta with pesta, which I like a lot
  4. There is a lot of green areas around my home, so I can take breaks better.
  1. Making some headway on my cryptic crosswords
  2. The view from our bedroom is looking particularly fine at the moment
  3. My woodworking setup
  1. I have a new variety of mint chocolate.
  2. One of my main tasks at work this week is a lot of fun.
  3. SGQ: I have a meeting tomorrow that will be at best annoying but I am not stressed and dreading it.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i decided to go to the work-related-ish evening event tonight. thanks to that i easily met my steps goal. also
  • i’m grateful that the work-related-ish evening event turned out okay and was very amusing here and there, so it didn’t feel like a chore or wasted time.
  • i’m grateful i remembered and went through with my nightly duolingo practice. i’m trying to strengthen the routine of morning duolingo + evening duolingo. (between 6 am and noon, so right after i wake up; and between 6 pm and midnight, so sometime in the evening.) that means xp boosts each time i practice, which is nice.
  1. SGQ: I had a stupid fight with my wife, and then we both did a good job of stopping, calming down, and communicating well and resolving the situation.
  2. A very good relaxing DnD session tonight.
  3. My dog is really enjoying our patio recently and it’s super super cute.
  1. The “at best annoying” meeting turned out to be no worse than a mild waste of time.
  2. My manager approved me working from home four days a week instead of three.
  3. SGQ: I’m being thorough with testing for a script I’m writing at work.
  1. I met again the dog called Snoopy, when I walked outside. I like this dog a lot, and also, it’s my favourite breed :dog: :love_letter:
  2. SGQ: Modifying my work routine; my days are much much more pleasant :zap: :hammer:
  3. SGQ: (not going to this event) :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  • A street musician was playing Bach’s solo Cello Suite No. 1. Just beautiful.
  • Completed a tough cryptic crossword. First one from this publication that I’ve got all the way through, so really pleased about that.
  • The Plushies (two fluffy cats) are loving being outside in the warm weather, and still come back when called, and are super-affectionate
  • i’m grateful the newest two episodes of my new favourite series came out today during the day already and not during the night. time zones suck sometimes, but sometimes they’re on my side! :D
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i decided to derail on my steps goal today. self-care-derailments are good, sometimes.
  • i’m grateful i can be at the office tomorrow one hour later than usual!
  1. I was able to get a covid vaccination without booking at a pharmacy I walked past.
  2. Online shopping.
  3. SGQ: For a job I had from a client today, I realised that what they needed was not the same thing as they were asking for.
  1. SGQ: We buckled down and cleaned out our pool filter late last night… and it was SO worthwhile!
  2. Oh my gosh our pool is running so good now. I’m double dipping on this because it’s so awesome.
  3. Lovely sushi dinner last night (pre-filter-cleaning) with some very good friends!
  • i’m grateful for the wonderful dinner i had tonight. curry udon! :yum: the dessert was also very good!
  • i’m grateful i perceived today’s time at the office as way more chill and way less stressful than yesterday’s. don’t know if that’s objectively true, but it’s amazing in either case to feel more positive and relaxed about [anything] (and work in particular).
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i brought all my goals out of the red tonight. (if you look at my dashboard and think “wait, you’re lying, two goals are still red,” you’d be wrong, because these don’t count. one is my steps goal which is broken until i get my new debit/credit card, and the other one has a 3 p.m. deadline and i have to check it off after i wake up tomorrow, so it’s not red-because-about-to-derail-red, it’s misleadingly-red-but-actually-safe-and-well-still-red. xD)
  1. This baby elephant playing a chasing game with its caretaker.
  2. Hermes adorably trying to bury a bone in the blankets on my bed (there’s an old blanket on top so that he doesn’t make the ones underneath dirty).
  3. SGQ: I took Hermes for three long walks today.
  • i’m grateful i got to try out a fun new activity today.
  • i’m grateful for a really fun evening with friends.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i tried my best at the fun new activity, and intermittently, i don’t think i did too bad. In any case, after a few tries and fails i successfully managed to do a thing right at least some of the time.