Gratitude journaling together

  1. Everyone who attended my FFXIV event today did at least watch the video first – and now we all have a rareish mount!
  2. Decisions have been made and I have a hotel room booked for me to go and see my grandmother. (Probably for the last time, so this is a sad thing too… but I’m still grateful we’re getting this set up.)
  3. Lisa mending something for me.
  • i’m grateful a visit today cheered up two people at least temporarily.
  • i’m grateful we found lots of good crunchy leaves today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i walked part of the way home tonight.
  • grateful to past-me for doing backups! (A past backup had a vital, hard-to-recreate, folder that I had for some reason deleted…)
  • a good, but geographically-distant, friend is coming to visit
  • the rain sounding lovely on the windows
  • i’m grateful that it was windy today. makes the persistent warm weather much more bearable outside.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i tried my best at work today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i finally texted my therapist to ask for another appointment. due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, it’s been way too long since i’ve seen her, and agreeing on a new date so far has been much more annoying and exhausting than i’d expect. hopefully my new suggestion will work.
  1. Beetroot and potatoes are easy to cook in the microwave.
  2. Power lines on our street did not break when a palm tree fell on them as it was being cut down.
  1. I usually shut my computer down overnight, but I couldn’t last night… and of course, there were powercuts in our area. But not our house! It was fine.
  2. My almost comprehensive playlist with almost everything released by Thea Gilmore in it. Put on random, it’s really fun to see what comes up.
  3. Flying through work today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i finally made an appointment with my hairdresser.
  • i’m grateful that a colleague found a thing at work today.
  • i’m grateful that i’m tired enough to go to sleep again relatively early-ish.
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  1. SGQ: I cooked dinner even though I was feeling lazy and it was delicious and worth it.
  2. I’m almost all better from the illness I caught over the weekend.
  3. Beeminder’s lovely support staff handling the break I needed due to said illness.
  1. I am veeeery close to being able to do this level of Serial Cleaners in the fastest time limit. Yes, yes, I know, very important stuff right here. Aaand I gave it another shot just now and now I can update this to: I did it! In 6 min 51 seconds (time limit was 7 minutes). Oof.
  2. I got studying done even though I didn’t want to, and even prepped for tomorrow’s study session so I can get started right away instead of writing a summary page (which feels like it takes ages).
  3. Afternoon shift is looking non-busy, so I’ll probably take a break in the middle to read. Woo.
  1. Cooked a tasty meal
  2. Finished an interesting book
  3. Uploaded the backlog of old blog posts
  1. SGQ: I kept my cool in a rather heated discussion.
  2. The outstanding community management team I work with for a co-op group for a mobile game I play.
  3. Modern medicine helping me get through this cold.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i finally sent off an e-mail! this was a classic case of “the psychological barriers for me to get this done were absolutely disproportional to the actual ‘effort’ it took, and the only logical reason i can see why i didn’t do this much earlier is that i felt worse and worse the longer i didn’t do it, and my mind inflated that more and more with time to make it seem like immesurable work when in reality it took like not even 10 minutes and wasn’t even the least bit tedious or scary.”
  • i’m grateful i have a new cable for my headphones. now they work again without me having to twist them into place! marvellous! wonderful! amazing!
  • i’m grateful soundcloud exists.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i finally started tidying my room today! only did it for like 5 minutes, but you have to start somewhere!
  • i’m also grateful for dinner tonight, for my new beeminder mindset° and the fact that i have not really any more cut-outs to do in preparation for uni next week. lots of gratitudes going around today!

°new neither to beeminder nor to me, but i think this might be the first time i’m trying to actually stick to it: trying to keep all my goals at all times between blue and green. (with the exception of my steps goal, that one is auto-ratcheted to i think 1 or two days.)
i didn’t do one language practice thing yesterday, so it was orange today, so i just did double the daily rate and now it’s at 3 days again, going blue again tomorrow. <3 “blue means do” really is a wonderful concept, i hope it will help me derail less often!

  1. A lovely electrician installed new smoke alarms and did a thorough safety check. We have some things that need fixing but I’m confident that this company will be good to work with.
  2. A lovely chat with my hairdresser.
  3. SGQ: In the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, I got up and did some gentle but productive tasks instead of fretting.
  1. Plans to hang out with an FFXIV friend this evening.
  2. Going to have a phone call with my mum for advice on my module choices for the upcoming semester.
  3. The game Filament was (still is, I think) on sale for about £3, and it is a lot of fun though breaking my brain a little. Here’s a solved level from the “binary” set… The little robot you can see on the right has to go around the pillars in a certain way, in order to ensure that its cable touches at least one of their surfaces directly, in order to open the door. Can you spot the “rule” the binary levels require? It took me ages of experimentation to get it, though Lisa spotted it almost instantly. :grimacing:

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  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i remembered to bring my laptop to work today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i did the laundry today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful my new system of keeping a buffer on safe days allowed me the luxury of not dealing with all of my blue goals today.
  1. The government department that I’m in is a co-sponsor of our city’s Pride Festival.
  2. A new book by K.J. Charles! (A Nobleman’s Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel)
  3. A bus driver saw me running to the stop and waited for me.
  1. Our gas/electricity is getting a little cheaper!
  2. Mum is going to help me finish paying for this degree so I can maybe finish it sooner.
  3. It’s Friday, after a long week.
  • i’m grateful for a fun night.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful for basically always carrying an umbrella with me.
  • i’m grateful audio recordings are super easy, they’re less tedious than writing stuff down sometimes.
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  1. SGQ: Letting myself sleep in.
  2. Peppermint tea.
  3. I’m 95% better from my cold or whatever it was this last weekend, finally crossing into “I think I might still be a little sick” from “I am definitely still sick”.
  1. A hot water bottle for aches and pains.
  2. Saturday morning sleep in.
  3. My static cleared P10S in one try last in FFXIV. We struggled on Wednesday, which was annoying, so we made up for it last night with brilliance!