Gratitude journaling together

  1. My warm socks and jumpbers; the weather has turned chilly again, which is nice when I have warm things to put on.
  2. Melted cheese on tomato for breakfast.
  3. I got out of bed early enough that I could read over a cup of tea after my morning routine.
  1. I ordered the green version of my comfy new dress and it looks fine on me, so now I have two dresses of total comfort and ease.
  2. Can’t elaborate about this, but man I had a laugh from something Alys told me this morning.
  3. Ice cream delivery today! This prompted us to eat some of the sorbet we had left over from the last one. The coconut sorbet is amazing, creamy and rich and coconutty.
  1. Scribd has several books by K.J. Charles.
  2. I was given the Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life book and it’s filled with interesting information and illustrations
  3. Compost! I love seeing how it slowly transforms from waste to rich earth. It’s magical.

Which (if any) K.J. Charles books haven’t you read yet, @alys? I mean I love them all to varying degrees, so you should read all of them, but I have a couple I am especially enthused about…

  1. Lisa made brownies last night.
  2. One of the tubs in our ice cream subscription this month is a favourite, raspberry ripple.
  3. I have already got Christmas plans afoot this time, so as not to run out of time to wildly indulge everyone.
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  1. Visited my Guruji’s abode yesterday after a long time. It was an enlightening experience
  2. Freewheeling talk with my father and sister
  3. Late night walk in cold breeze and talking to my friend!

From her reading order and series page:

  • Magpie Sequence - all read! I loved the fantasy elements especially.
  • Charm of Magpies World
    • A Queer Trade - part read, I need to get back to it, and I want to read the others in this World too
  • London Sequence - none read
  • The Sins of the Cities series - none but I want to now that I’ve read Gilded Cage
  • The Lilywhite Boys series - all read, fun! The Rat-Catcher’s Daughter is especially lovely.
  • England World - none
  • The Will Darling Adventures - yes! Loved them.
  • Green Men World - none but I want to, the mythology interests me
  • Standalones:
    • The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting - yes! Glorious!! That ending. <3
    • Band Sinister - just finished it! Also such a satisfying ending.

And any not mentioned above I haven’t read yet.

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Ahhhh you have such goodness waiting for you still. Mind you, I’d have said that no matter which ones you still had left. An Unsuitable Heir was the first KJ Charles I ever read (out of order, I know – I got it as an ARC) and I didn’t know about the enby love interest in advance and it just bowled me over. And I wasn’t sure if I’d love the London series, but I diiiiid, so much.

  1. We had a long list of chores, but we shoved through them as fast as we could and it really wasn’t as bad as it seemed.
  2. Still grateful to @alys for the suggestion of the app Tody. It makes keeping things clean and tidy easy because it just tells us what to do and then we go do it.
  3. We slept in this morning. Glorious.
  1. Indoor plants I got for my desk yesterday. It lightens up the space
  2. A New Whiteboard to capture my ideas is helpful
  3. Sleep averaging 7hours+ this week which is significantly higher than previous week - thus I am less grumpy
  1. Sleeping in.
  2. Several cups of tea today.
  3. Cheese and biscuits.
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  1. Not in pain anymore today!
  2. My dentist appointment is nice and soon. Normally I don’t love dentist appointments, but there’s a hole in one of my fillings so I think it’s preeeetty important this time.
  3. Woke up in plenty of time to do some good work today and fit in plenty of gaming/reading/etc.
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  1. I had a tasty coffee ice cream sandwich from Trader Joe’s
  2. Street Gym with my neighbors
  3. The tomatoes I bought are tasty!
  1. The scent from citrus tree flowers.
  2. Spiced biscuits.
  3. Home-made bread with a recipe that makes it extra-fluffy.
  1. Good long sleep last night because we went to bed on time.
  2. Not many chores today because Lisa’s doing more than usual!
  3. Lisa’s going to make lasagne this week, which I’ve been craving for a while.
  1. Jeremy’s sister has had surgery and come out of it okay.
  2. My favourite lunch at my favourite cafe in town.
  3. My doctor removed excess ear wax from my ears and I can hear again!
  1. One night of poor sleep doesn’t rattle me too much – and we went to bed on time, so there was a little extra time for sleep as well, even if it was disturbed.
  2. Found a beloved keepsake which I thought was missing.
  3. Reconnecting a bit with some older online friends.
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  1. Attending an uplifting session on Zoom
  2. Replaced Coffee with green tea in the evenings and I feel much better in the night
  3. Lots of journaling today - which helped to cover some persistent issues
  1. My daughter and her friend were able to work through their difficulties
  2. It’s not hot and smoky
  3. This thread exists!
  1. This clever tweet/microfiction which made me laugh.
  2. I am pretty confident I will be fine at the dentist because my dentist has always been super good about my phobias. Okay, I’m anxious and feeling icky right now, but I am at least sure he won’t hurt me for kicks like my previous dentist.
  3. No one can tell I’m wearing leggings under this dress! :joy: So secretly I am a lot warmer than I look, despite the 13°C temperatures.
  1. Ha! I love that!
  2. Jeremy cooked breakfast for me.
  3. Orange blossoms.
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