Gratitude journaling together

  1. I found a clump of fern that had been dug up and dumped on someone’s footpath so I’ve rescued it and it is my new favourite plant (actually several plants - I split it between two large and two small pots).
  2. Halloumi cheese for breakfast
  3. Positive feedback from a client, passed down to me through my management chain so they all saw it. :slight_smile:
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  1. Nice long walk today.
  2. Had a nice nap!
  3. Milkshakes from a new restaurant nearby which does takeout.
  1. One of my tomatoes is ripening
  2. My limequat tree continues to recover
  3. My toe is feeling better
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  1. Getting my hair cut today.
  2. Reading this post about the psychology of a TBR pile. Not sure if it will help, but I think something like it is happening with my TBR pile, and now I think of it that way maybe I can figure out a way to fix it!
  3. My dad will come over and cut our lawn today, hurrah.

Don’t get the hair cut and lawn cut mixed up! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. Watching the female scrub turkey and female lizard try to beat each other to get to mealworms first.
  2. Cheese and honey sandwiches.
  3. Napping on the couch with the cat.
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  1. I was able to take a restorative nap
  2. Andrew Johnson, for creating power nap app
  3. Whoever published the blog where I first discovered caffeine naps
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  1. Our cat woke me this morning because she wanted a pat, which was both annoying and adorable.
  2. After gardening for a couple of hours, I came upstairs and the cat screamed for attention as if I’d been gone for days.
  3. Strawberries were in our latest vegetable delivery so I had some on wheatbix, which is one of my favourite breakfasts.
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Oh man, I used to use a bunch of his stuff. He has the most calming voice.

  1. Short hair! Okay, it was still pretty short, but now it’s shorter.
  2. Figured out how to tie my skirt up out of the way so I can do housework without having to change into my jeans.
  3. Managed to get a Focusmate match at short notice to help me blitz through my Beeminder goals so I can do silly gaming stuff later.
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  1. The old Target Doctor Who novelisations. I read so many of them when I was a child. I have a “new” one today to start reading (Doctor Who and the Invasion of Time).
  2. Leela! She was always one of my favourite companions.
  3. Sontarans, one of my favourite monsters - such a fascinating “culture”.
  1. Got to go for a bike ride
  2. Sunlight falling on redwood trunks
  3. Pliny the Elder beer
  1. The babies (our two younger bunnies, who are no longer really babies) spent this morning intensively grooming me. Biscuit apparently likes my hair where it’s been buzzed really short; Eclair groomed my whole hand.
  2. No Focusmate/laptop time today, so I get to listen to music while I work.
  3. Remembered/found an old song I used to love and had forgotten about.
  1. I went on vacation and felt completely relaxed and unplugged from life. Grateful for tranquil moments reading by the ocean.
  2. So much quality time with my sister on vacation. I’m thankful to have such a mature, thoughtful, passionate, fashionable, hilarious person as my guaranteed best friend.
  3. Parents have been blessing me with the best pictures of our cats recently. If only there were better ways to show the cats how much I love them long-distance!
  1. My neighbors who started Street Gym, without which I would not have had that “It’s 9 am and I’ve already exercised” feeling
  2. The farmers’ market workers who get up early on a Sunday so I can buy great vegetables
  3. The great latte I had this morning
  1. Sugar cane! I’m visiting a friend who has bought some so we’re chewing on strips of it.
  2. We have dried banana too. It’s not crispy-dried so it’s chewy and full of banana flavour, which works REALLY well. So nice.
  3. I volunteered for a project at work in team chat exactly 12 seconds before my manager sent me a private chat to ask me if I’d be willing to do it, so I get the same amount of work I would have had but with brownie points for volunteering. :slight_smile:
  1. Woke up naturally.
  2. Remarkably light inbox this morning.
  3. Planning how to get round the TBR choice problem mentioned in the tumblr post I linked before (this one).
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  1. City buses and bus drivers! During the course of doing an errand this morning, I basically got a beautiful tour of the city I’m visiting for £2, and the drivers were so helpful.
  2. Virtual conferences and Zoom for making it possible to attend a machine learning conference freely available to people around the world, even while I was on the bus. :slight_smile:
  3. Thanks Nicky for sharing that tumblr post on TBRs! It got me thinking about ways I make that problem worse for myself, and strategies I currently use and could add in to make it less bad. I’m feeling like Beeminder goals are overall good, although I’m wondering if having goals for future reading on the dashboard every day creates additional “not chosen” moments. I’m pondering how I can use random selections from my TBR and how readathons/challenges play into this for me. Curious to hear others’ reactions but don’t want to turn the Gratitude journal into a psychology of reading thread. :sweat_smile:

I made a new thread! Reading pile akrasia

  1. Jeremy set up a desk with an external monitor for me to use my laptop on, and then moved it for me so that it’s next to a window that has a view of the garden.
  2. Cheese and biscuits for a morning snack.
  3. I found a hot water bottle that had been missing for months.
  1. I’ve planned today such that I can fit a bath in! Which should be very nice for my slightly achy back.
  2. Getting a fresh start with stuff. (In this case, with Storygraph. It’s not quite the same as tracking reading on Goodreads, since there’s less of a community as far as I can tell? But I have a reading community on Litsy, what I want is recommendations and access to reviews, mostly.)
  3. It’s warm during the day but quite cool at night.
  1. I have a car that’s always available for my use
  2. The air quality is good enough for me to go ride
  3. A favorite camping spot has remained just outside a forest fire
    perimeter for the last few days