Gratitude journaling together

  1. My travel test result came back and I’m reassuringly COVID negative, as expected.
  2. Sleeper trains are neat and gave me an extra evening in Scotland!
  3. Returning to a favourite fandom and finding it filled with tons of new fanfics! I’m not quite sure the cause of this revival for a show that hasn’t aired in 10 years but it sure brought me a lot of joy today.
  1. Dates and cheese. Sultanas and butter. Both pairings go so well together.
  2. My kitchen window looks out into my garden and the park behind my house. From the right angle I can see nothing but trees.
  3. I was able to take most of the day off work to rest because I have a sore neck that is better when I’m lying down.
  1. My dad’s not the world’s most emotionally intelligent person, but today he texted me to check if I was okay after I rang him upset about something last night.
  2. I went for a walk quite early this morning (8:45am – early for me, anyway!) and it was still cool out, so it was very nice.
  3. It’d a bright sunny day without being too warm.
  1. Thanks for past donors & voters, I got to experience the beauty of
    walking through a sunlit redwood forest
  2. I had my fastest time in 3 years riding up a local hill. My efforts at
    getting my fitness back are paying off
  3. My daughter has the opportunity to take keyboard at school
  1. Walking in Redwood forests is one of my most pleasant memories from my trips to the USA.
  2. Cashews.
  3. Jeremy made pizza for lunch.
  1. I just caught and released an insect with… pretty much no terror at all. Definitely “ugh, ugh, please don’t be a stinging sort of fella”, and definitely “nope, my lad, not in here”, but not “oh my god I am going to die just knowing it is briefly in the building with me”. So, yay for my recently-found ability to cope.
  2. Started reading a book I’ve meant to read for a while, and immediately got sucked in.
  3. Watching Lisa’s reactions as they read the Kate Daniels books.

My apologies, was away for a while.

  1. Award for August New User of the Month! And this particular thread was the reason to regularly visit this forum (Sort of a gratitude inception :smiley:)
  2. Home cooked meals back to back. Eating healthy more often
  3. Libraries are opening now! Saw one today for a short while.
  1. the Kale I got from the farmer’s market is particularly good
  2. My friend took me to Costco & I have a few treats that weren’t as
    expensive as they’d otherwise be
  3. I got to see a big redwood tree that was saved from logging
  1. Clover flowers. I love their scent.
  2. The fridge is full of food from a supermarket delivery.
  3. There are new episodes of Lucifer.
  1. The weather is cooling down again.
  2. Being able to laugh off unfounded criticism.
  3. Pleasantly tired after a nice walk.
  1. My daughter got to school safely
  2. My fridge has a lot of nutritious options
  3. My friend is up for co-working
  1. Waking up early and having a healthy breakfast.
  2. Ambient library atmosphere which makes me want to read and study more
  3. Found a beverage nearby which was out of stock since a long time
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  1. A board games day with a friend.
  2. Convenient buses arrived quickly for both legs of the trip home.
  3. TaskRatchet again for still making me do things.
  1. Using Focusmate to get all my chores done really quickly.
  2. Discovered there is new DLC for Two Point Hospital that I didn’t have, and grabbed that this morning!
  3. Really enjoyed Winter’s Orbit, which I “had to” read for my “rngthetbr” goal. Also persuaded my wife to read it, so now I’m enjoying watching her reactions.
  1. Rhubarb-scented cleaning spray makes cleaning and dusting an absolute joy.
  2. On a '70s music binge and loving all the old clips from the Ed Sullivan Show uploaded on YouTube.
  3. When saying goodbye to a friend moving abroad is really hard, it means they’ve been an amazing friend. I don’t think we could have made it through this year without each other.
  1. My health and morning prayers
  2. The morning cold coffee
  3. My cab arrived on time and I have reached the library

  1. This morning my favourite scrub turkey, Princess, was sitting in the back garden looking comfortable and safe.
  2. A few hours later when I say at my desk, she had moved to the front garden where I could see her through the window.
  3. This tweet from KJ Charles: “There is no medium to convey instructions more exasperating than a video tutorial. Give it to me in cuneiform on wet clay, tattoo it on the underside of a live wild boar, encode it into a copy of a Dan Brown novel if you must, but for fuck’s sake don’t make me watch a video.” :smiley:
  1. Being able to use mini-games on FFXIV as little breaks from work on a Sunday.
  2. Rereading favourite books.
  3. Meeting new folks and taking silly screenshots together on FFXIV. We climbed to the top of a huge building together to do this.

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  1. My friend, for leading a yoga class
  2. I acquired a portable speaker
  3. The wait for my X-ray was incredibly short
  1. There’s a breeze this morning that’s carrying the scent of clover flowers to my new desk.
  2. I have two shirts made of bamboo that are soft and comfortable.
  3. This adorable anecdote about Roger Moore.