Gratitude journaling together

  1. Butterscotch lollies.
  2. I’m caught up on Doctor Who and am loving this season.
  3. I found a free story by Tansy Rayner Roberts: Kid Dark Against The Machine.
  1. Modern plumbing.
  2. Taxis.
  3. Meat pies.
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  1. I bought my Mum an advent calendar with ink in it, this year… she also bought it for herself. The gratitude part is that she’s actually using it in a way I like, giving away a bottle of ink each day along with a pen.
  2. Lisa is super excited about the book from their advent calendar today! (Not all the gifts are books, for theirs – I put it together myself, so it’s all kinds of things.)
  3. My wife got me a book advent calendar, classic crime/mystery fiction. It’s so beautifully wrapped and put together, too!
  1. Oh yes, modern plumbing for the win
  2. A working digestive system, for that matter
  3. Morning workout with friends
  1. Beeminder stickers in the mailbox.
  2. Did some data archaeology and managed to recover most of what I was looking for. I’d been putting this off for a really long time as well.
  3. The sound of rain.
  1. Jeremy treated me to dinner at a local burger restaurant.
  2. It was a sunny day which was nice after many days of rain (I love the rain but a change is good).
  3. My favourite constellation, Orion, is in the sky in the early evenings now.
  1. I finally tested a wireless speaker I once got for free and had been keeping all but out in the elements and it still works.
  2. Managed to start a car with a second battery and a pair of jumper cables.
  3. Clementine season starting!
  1. Chips and chocolate.
  2. The smell of freshly mown grass.
  3. A sunny day let my washing dry.
  1. Everyone’s taking care of work for me so I can have a day off after being quite ill last night.
  2. The pain is gone this morning.
  3. Nintendo support very quickly got me back into my account after I couldn’t use 2FA anymore.
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  1. Made it to a co-working session that I’ve been meaning to join for a
  2. We’ll be catsitting for more than a week
  3. My salad greens are still good

Good to be back here after a long hiatus. Things that I am grateful for today

  1. Early morning meditation
  2. Writing in my small journal before sunrise
  3. Cleaning my workspace in the morning
  1. Fresh laundry.
  2. My first time ever using a tumble-dryer.
  3. A new book in the mail.
  1. These People’s Choice Award photographs.
  2. Jeremy and I cooked lunch together.
  3. A bracing thunderstorm.
  1. Baking cookies.
  2. Parmesan.
  3. Advent of code.
  1. My razor didn’t break when I dropped it. Thankful for whatever engineering and luck brought that about
  2. I got to ride as the sun set and saw a particularly vibrant gingko tree
  3. My friend said yes to trying out my new amaro in a Negroni
  1. Jeremy and I did gardening together.
  2. Some plants that I’ve been neglecting are still alive.
  3. Jeremy made pea soup.
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Plants are so resilient…

  1. Walked someone else’s dog.
  2. Met a nice fellow dogwalker.
  3. A hot bath.
  1. I had a task that required making changes to more than a dozen servers. When I looked into it in detail, I realised that the files to be edited were all owned by a different team, and so they have to do the task, not me. :slight_smile:
  2. A pleasant chat with a new coworker.
  3. Our organisation, CHDE (which we usually pronounce as chode), has new lanyards with CHDE spelled out on them in Morse Code, or as one of us put it, Morse Chode.
  1. Feeling a lot better now!
  2. I caught up on a lot of things yesterday, so today isn’t so bad despite my day off on Friday.
  3. My wife cleaned my keyboard for me.
  1. My series of migraines/sinus headaches has finally eased up.
  2. Got the outdoor Christmas decorations up before it got frigid.
  3. Finally fixed the flickering lights in the hallway.