Gratitude journaling together

  1. Wiki’s.
  2. Being in good health.
  3. ActivityWatch.
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  1. The smell of freshly cooked porridge.
  2. Feeding an over-ripe banana to a lizard and scrub turkey.
  3. Today’s vegetable delivery had a bag of cherry tomatoes of different sizes and colours. All so cute and tiny!
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  1. Jeremy cooked lunch for me.
  2. Coffee.
  3. I wasn’t feeling well overnight but I’m recovered now.
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  1. A cozy nook.
  2. Sleeping out.
  3. Going through a book I borrowed ages ago at double speed, in time for returning it at Christmas.
  1. A Postcrossing member sent me a postcard as a thank you to the Postcrossing HQ PO box. So grateful to them for going the extra mile to show gratitude, and to Ana for taking pictures of it for me so I could see!
  2. I have a bunch of symptoms and they aren’t nice, like my acid reflux, but it’s my body telling me that I’m stressed and I need to slow down, and I’m grateful for that.
  3. Lisa indulged me this evening and we started doing a quest line on FFXIV that gives us a bunch of new dungeons. I love doing dungeons!
  1. A nice day out.
  2. Some shopping, but not a lot of actual buying.
  3. Got some Christmas trees!
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  1. There’s a new young lizard in the garden! I think it’s a couple of years old but I haven’t seen it before now (they can hide well of course when they’re small).
  2. A capsicum that had a cute tiny second capsicum growing out from its stalk.
  3. I went with a friend to visit his friends and got on well with them and their two cats, who usually don’t like strangers.
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  1. This five-minute sleight of hand sequence
  2. This deer scoring a soccer goal and being delighted with itself
  3. Hanging out at a friend’s place for an afternoon.
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  1. Had my booster shot yesterday!
  2. Two people we got friendly with on Final Fantasy XIV left our free company, but we’re still in touch and did some stuff together yesterday. It’s really nice.
  3. Managed to figure out how to take it easy on studying today, by finding some lectures to watch.
  1. Plans to take easier this week.
  2. Nearly time to give people all their presents!
  3. I know my wife is planning to spoil me silly.
  1. I’m on holidays for three weeks!
  2. I happened to finish some shopping just in time to catch a once-an-hour bus home.
  3. Cold roast chicken.
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  1. Last-minute Christmas trees.
  2. A homemade cake.
  3. No meetings at work.
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  1. Husband made chocolate chip cookies
  2. Recent illness in the family was just a cold, and not COVID
  3. Daughter made it through said cold without an asthma attack
  1. An early Christmas dinner with one side of my family.
  2. Doing riddles with my cousin’s teenage children.
  3. Wrapping gifts in discarded toilet paper roll wrappers.
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  1. The last of my Christmas gifts [the ones I mean to give people] are arriving, ready to wrap.
  2. I’ve set up the traditional time to wrap presents with my sister. We don’t live together anymore, but we carry on the tradition via webcam. (We’ll see each other on Christmas Day, restrictions and last-minute LFTs permitting, but that’s different – that’s with the whole family. Wrapping time is special and it’s our tradition.)
  3. Starting to read more again already.
  1. Finished a book.
  2. An elaborate movie night.
  3. Lots of gifts at the ready.
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  1. Stayed up late to finish a book, which made me feel myself again! And my wife didn’t mind.
  2. Glad about all the things me and my wife do together – not just gaming together, talking about books etc, but the fact that it’s pretty unthinkable for us to eat dinner at different times or go to bed separately. Partly that’s a practical thing, it’s easier this way… but it’s nice to have this routine, from watching old episodes of The Crystal Maze over dinner to talking total nonsense as we fall asleep.
  3. My wife’s making banoffee pie for Christmas dessert! (Me, my wife and my sister don’t like Christmas pudding, so my parents get that and my wife makes an alternate for us. Often it’s lemon meringue pie, but we’ve had that a couple of times this year, so we’ve picked an alternative.)
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  1. My gift wrapping is finished early this year.
  2. I’m spending the next couple of days dog-sitting two Very Good Boys.
  3. Avocado on rye bread for lunch.
  1. A HDD recovery going mostly well over the past few days.
  2. Food in the fridge when I got home.
  3. The Hawkeye series (so far…).
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  1. A friend liked a present I gave him.
  2. Neovim.
  3. Omelettes.
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