Gratitude journaling together

  1. The GP I saw yesterday was nice.
  2. I have tickets for some of the stuff we want to do in Edinburgh all sorted out in advance.
  3. Might be able to afford a new phone this month.
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  1. A day off work.
  2. Good work-related news for a friend.
  3. Jeremy did a whole bunch of trimming of a vine that is growing over the roof.
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  1. Mum and I have been able to choose a location for a bench memorial dedicated to my grandfather, and by chance we’ve been able to pick a very meaningful spot. (We chose a park that would be very appropriate by itself, and then they offered us two potential sites within the park.) It’s actually a spot with a view of somewhere he used to take me and my sister to play.
  2. I feel like I must’ve mentioned this already, but my heated throw blanket is arrived and is so cosy.
  3. Able to take it a bit easier today.
  1. An @alys when I need to talk. :blue_heart:
  2. I have a backup ereader, so when my main one died, voila.
  3. Lisa’s gone to get my new medication for me.
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  1. The weather was perfect today.
  2. Scent from flowers in our garden blew into my office.
  3. A long walk with Jeremy.
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  1. Dad checked over our car for us for our drive next week.
  2. Quiet day ahead.
  3. Hung out with friends for a while last night, unexpectedly.
  1. Due to careless shopping, for a while I owned FIVE deodorants. I’ve FINALLY used them up so that there’s only one left and the lack of clutter is pleasing.
  2. A day spent mostly reading and playing mobile games.
  3. I’m enjoying the Fletch novels.
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  1. I bought a new mattress online this morning and it was delivered this afternoon.
  2. It’s eco-friendly in various wasy! > Sustainability
  3. Jeremy has decided to paint the kitchen, as a prelude to adding a splashboard behind the sink and replacing the VERY old linoleum.
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  1. I’ve ordered a new phone. (Thanks @adamwolf for the advice!)
  2. Mum is paying for our petrol and food while me and Lisa are in Edinburgh.
  3. I decided to start work half an hour late and take it easy this morning because my medication taper is doing a number on me, and it was the right choice.