GTBee for Android?

@ndanda, @insti, @drtall thank you so much for your feedback! You’re all awesome! I’ve added these ideas to my list of features to implement. :slight_smile:

Now that you bring it up, having unlimited freebies does seem like a good idea. That way you don’t need to split your todo system.

The notifications are going to get an update, @dreev mentioned using something similar to zeno polling which I think would be a lot more helpful.

For the questions:

What happens if you derail when you have no network connection?

It stores the request for later and will send it in once the connection is back. It would be nice if the UI informed you of this too.

Will the source code be available?

I don’t see a compelling reason for why not, though I am a little embarrassed by some of it so I’d like to spruce it up before it gets released.


This is a good point. Limiting the free tasks could just mean that you use a second to-do app for tasks you don’t want to risk money on. It may not make sense to encourage that.

How about applying the same insight we had about freebees (embarrassingly still not implemented but it will happen!) and just default to $5 but let you change it to $0 when you create the task. (I also might argue for not letting you bump it up higher than $5 when first creating it. As in, you have to fail at $5 if you want to have $10 at stake.)

PS: I see you reached a similar conclusion while I was typing this. (:

How is progress going on this? I’m really looking forward to the updates that will make this into a viable todo list app for me.


Oh yes, I’m waiting for an update too! It’s one of my favourite apps.

Sorry for the dead air. I had a summer class taking up a lot of time, but that is now done, so I’ll be working on it more now. :slight_smile: A lot of the changes I’m making now (notifications and viewing old tasks) are intertwined so I don’t have an incremental update at the moment. This does mean that the next update should make GTBee a lot nicer to use though!


Any news? Really looking forward to the next update! One of my favourite apps!


Hey @yixler, Would you be willing to give the code to someone else so they could working on it?


Yes, it’s been a while that Gtbee has not been updated.

It’s a pity because potentially I find it very useful, however its bugs and limitations often prevent me from using it.


Hey everyone. I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to get this into a stable release, especially because of how helpful you all were with providing feedback!

For anyone adventurous enough, the code is here:

If you are going to take a stab at fixing it, feel free to contact me and I might be able to clarify questions you have.


Just got an email in support from someone saying the dropbox link to the apk doesn’t work anymore (?) and that Android GTBee had become indispensable and that their dating life (!) depends on this and can we pretty please get it working again…

I don’t think we’re ready to do that but we’re ready to offer generous revenue sharing or any other enticements we can think of to whoever wants to pick this up and get it in Google Play!

Eeek! I didn’t realize that anyone will still using it! I revoked the api token for the app when posting the code to github. I might be able to get a working version again but won’t be able to dive into it until ~Wednesday.


Alright, this should be the same version as was released on June 30, 2015 (so called v4), but now with working API keys for beeminder (which I won’t revoke this time!). All warnings about this being an alpha release with possibly any number of bugs (old and new) apply, but for those of you who found it of use here you are:


Thank you so much yixler for getting this to be working again :slight_smile:
You really do helped me out :slight_smile:
I really do appreciate that you volunteered your time for this :slight_smile:

With gratitude,

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I found GTbee extremely useful. I wonder if its up and running again?

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I took a look at the app. I’ve made a task with due date wedneseday 12:30 AM. Now it’s tuesday 7:45 AM and it says I have 0 Days 16 hours 45 minutes. Shouldn’t it be 1 Day 3 hours 45 minutes?

Actually, I might just be confused about AM/PM we don’t use those where I’m from. Shouldn’t it be 0:30 AM? Argh. Using the AM/PM-system with German translations is one of the stupider things android does. Please consider this a request for using 24 hours instead of 12…


TL;DR — the app’s countdown is correct.

Even having grown up with AM/PM, I find it confusing at the margins. The wikipedia page has a convenient translation table.

On reading it, I discovered the source of my confusion: 12 stands in for 0, so the sequence is 11:00 PM, 12:00 AM (midnight), 1:00 AM, and similarly around noon. It seems that this system of counting time pre-dates the discovery of zero by the western world.

I’ve long thought that we should use noon and midnight rather than numeric times in our interfaces, side-stepping the issue in the name of clarity. But I guess that wouldn’t solve the ambiguity of 12:30 AM, which is indeed in the middle of the night.

(I’ve set most of my goals to end at 11:59 PM, because that is harder for me to get confused about…)

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I’ve been using GTBee for Android for a bit now. The application is pretty useful in principle. The execution is pretty descent, too.

Apparent bug. Most entries have something like “Jan. \n 9 8:00 PM” on the left. But some have “8:00 \n 8:00 PM”. The day seems to be missing.

What happens if don’t do a task? Would I get a “What happened” e-mail, like when I derail on Beeminder? Am I off the hook after that or is the task automatically rescheduled? In settings I can choose a “starting penalty for new tasks”. To me, “starting” implies that there is some mechanism that increases the penalty. How does that work?

I think it’s a very useful piece of software and it would be a shame if it weren’t published properly.

Some features I would like: 24hr format. Red, orange, blue and green color codes like in beeminder. A widget. Possibly the option to add unscheduled items.

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It’s got rather more sting than an ordinary Beeminder goal, and much less automation.

Judging by GTBee for iOS I’d say that you get charged when the timer expires, with no takebacks, though you do get an email notifying you that the charge happened.

In the iOS app, recommitting to the task is entirely manual, as is setting the new deadline.

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Any hope to get bugs fixed? It’s still a very nice and useful app, such a pity it is abandoned. Also, I am afraid that sooner or later with an OS update it will stop working.