Getting GTBee for Android working again

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GTBee sounds awesome - I think it would really help me to bee able to create one-off tasks with penalties and deadlines. I tried getting it to work for Android using this most recent APK, version “alpha”:

But I found that it wasn’t actually charging me.

So I forked the repository at GitHub - zedmango/gtbee: Unstable version of GTBee for android and updated it for the latest SDK.

When I did this and compiled it, I found that the APK I got (available at has a bunch of weird errors, including some odd authentication errors:

  • it directed to the main page rather than the login
  • on login, it kept the web browser open to the beeminder list of goals, rather than returning to GTBee
  • from “Settings” or “Failed Tasks” or :New Task," the upper left back button takes you to the “Beeminder Sign In: In order to use this app you must have a beeminder account” page
  • app crashes on “Completed Tasks” or “Beeminder Integration”

and a bunch of other weird crashes.

I also tried the version available here, “v4”:

and found it has all the same bugs as my forked version generated from the latest gethub and updated.

Oddly, @yixler said that those two versions “v4” and “alpha” should be the same except that “alpha” has working API keys. So apparently the most recent github code does not have those working API keys.

So it looks like we just need to get the keys working again as they are in that “alpha” APK, and then get the charges to work properly.

I’d like to work on this. I know very little about Android development so any suggestions or help from anyone in debugging would be appreciated.


Alas my very limited Android development attempts have all been deadends. But I do still want GTBee to exist.

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I approve of attempts to resurrect GTBeedroid! Here’s a fun bit of history about that:

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@dreev Do you know anything about the status of the gtbeedroid authentication keys?

Negative. It was never on Google Play so I didn’t think there were any auth keys or anything like that.


No, I mean the Beeminder auth keys. The ones that allow it to connect with Beeminder and charge people.

I see. I guess go ahead and register it as a new app with Beeminder?