Habit tracking and Beeminder

Apologies for what may seem a silly question, but I’m a (somewhat) long-standing BM user and I had a question about what services people use to integrate with BM to track habit completion.

So, my usage scenario is that I have in the past used things like HabitRPG/Habitica and coach.me to track daily habits. I have also, a few years back, just used BM for that and had a larger number of bees to manage.

I’m now using Omnifocus mainly as a task manager, but I tend not to work well with including daily habit work in that system.

So my question is, what habit tracking infrastructure plays well with Beeminder? I guess I could rig something like Trello up to a BM goal? I don’t really want to use Habitica as it’s a bit too much for what I’m looking for. And I don’t really want a standalone goal for every habit that I want to keep up.

Do any of you have any tips/thoughts/suggestions for what works?

Thank you.


Update: I think I need to just bite the bullet and accept more bees than I had originally planned for. That way, fewer apps and tools to think about, too.


I find that the less systems/apps i use, the better i can focus on delivering.