Habit Tracking Apps Connecting with Beeminder

I use a habit tracking app called Habit Bull. It is very simple with nice interface and allows me to add daily data on habits more quickly and easily than doing it directly in Beeminder. Are there any integrations with simple habit tracking apps such as this (Habit Bull, Habit Streak, The Habit Factor, Streak, etc.)? (I’ve looked at HabitRPG/Habitica, and it isn’t what I’m after- too complex.)


Just wondering, how is Habitica too complex for tracking habits? You just have a checkbox for each habit.


Have you checked out the Beeminder Android App? The widgets can be configured for quick data entry by pressing them and they have daily check marks to let you know whether you’ve entered data.

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There’s a #UVI in here somewhere. :slight_smile:

Easy entry, particularly of checkbox items, seems like something that’d make life better for lots of folks. Not entirely clear how it fits in the current web UI, though.

Also tagging #EZB, for ideas related to easy-beezie goals.


A new option of “0/1 goals” where the value is either 0 or 1? Selecting it would give you just a checkbox to check every day? It could be a Habitica Dailies killer :slight_smile: :speak_no_evil: :angel: