Hard-committing to the next batch of autodata integrations


Where should my script I report the derail to get the money?


Right here, as a new comment!


@dreev and I just discussed and have decided to stick with the spirit of the original commitment: only time spent on the listed new integrations counts toward http://beeminder.com/b/autod – so keep an eye on things. I’ve got a bunch of distractions on my immediate horizon (like Google discontinuing support of OAuth V1, necessitating a bunch of refactoring in the GmailZero code), so it’s gonna be tight staying on track on the autod goal!



I think this goal derailed today.
I’ll claim the bounty if it did.

Update: There’s definitely a red dot on the graph. and the pledge has increased, so I’m pretty sure it did.


Confirmed! $90 paid to @insti! I think @bee got $90 of value from that just in the surge of productivity last night as she stayed laser focused right up to midnight hoping for that last TagTime ping. (: [1] (And arguably the perverse incentives of a time-based goal showed through here as she spent a good chunk of the evening making a Beeminder+Misfit logo mashup for the landing page. But it’s pretty hilarious.)

[1] We watched the probability suspensefully tick down at tminder.meteor.com.


Hey, check it out! Soft-launched Skritter over here in the forum thread, including a pretty reasonable blog draft, due to be published Monday at the latest.

So, with that, I think I’m off the hook on autodata.


@dreev, a reminder on this one, it would be nice to be able to focus on sub-categories.
Use case: I’ve got a few software projects which obviously fall under the “Software Development” category in RT. I’ve got custom sub-categories for them. But Beeminder can only integrate on a category level. Any chance of being able to go deeper?


sounds like this may exist now but wasn’t announced with enough ~fanfare~? try it out and let us know if you’re not seeing what you’re looking for!!


Looks lovely :slight_smile:


I can’t WAIT for a Khan Academy integration.


How to vote for some integrations ?

I vote for : Adidas MyCoach (using it for 5 years), CodeWars


+1 on Codewars


+1 for Khan Academy


Seth Herr’s Strava-Beeminder Integration seems to have ceased functioning about 6 weeks ago and hasn’t yet been fixed.

There is a beta Strava Zapier Channel, but it takes the raw data from the Strava API feed which happens to have distances in meters, not the most friendly unit to work with and they don’t have any easy way to manipulate input before outputting them in a simple Zap.

I’ve made small work around using the Zapier Javascript Code Channel to first manipulate the distance then post to the Beeminder API using fetch, if any one wants that let me know and I can clean it up and post it.

Would still love a native Strava-Beeminder integration as Zapier is quite expensive, and the free account is quite limiting.

Edit: I’ve made a small tutorial to getting Strava-Beeminder through Zapier working with a more friendly unit available over in this thread for anyone who wants it.

Changing autodata source to Runkeeper

FWIW, Strava also has an IFTTT channel.


Is this thread/post updated anymore @dreev, @bee?


Now that you reminded us to, yes! (:


Hi @dreev

Is there any chance you could give an update on the current status of MyFitnessPal integration?

I understand from your Uservoice post last October that they had rejected your partner application, have you tried again or is it something you can only do once?

I’m wondering if an explanation of what you’ve tried and what their issues are could lead to a bit of social media pressure to get them to accept Beeminder as a partner. Perhaps you could collect a bunch of comments to a blog or forum post from Beeminder users who want MFP integration, and why, to send in with your application?

Sorry to nag, but I only do it every few years :slight_smile:


You should definitely be nagging waaay more often than once every few years! :grinning:

I’ve repeated our MyFitnessPal application at least twice over the years – I’ve lost track exactly. We may need an advocate on the inside, but collecting user pleas would be great too.