Help testing a new TaskRatchet feature?

I’m working on building a new TaskRatchet feature, and need some people to help test it out on a video call. Anyone game? Feedback from both users and non-users needed.

Thanks! :smiley:


Argh… video… stress, anxiety. But new TaskRatchet feature good! I’m willing to help test if you don’t get sufficient other offers.


@alys Thank you for your willingness! :smiley: I’d be happy if you only wanted to video call with audio, with your camera off. The reason I’m looking to do it over video call is so I can see what the user is doing on the screen and they can talk me through it at the same time.

:slight_smile: Thanks, although the (small) anxiety is for talking to people, not being seen. We can do a video call. However I currently have no idea how to share my screen so I’ll need to look into that. What software did you want to use for the call?

I’m afraid it can’t be this week or this weekend; too many tasks have built up that need to be done before Sunday.

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