Video Coworking?

I noticed this Complice room, but it doesn’t seem like there’s ever anyone in it. Would be awesome to have some scheduled “video coworking” sessions where we pop on a video call, whether it’s on Complice or somewhere else, and silently pressure each other into staying on track. Can we make this a thing?


I love the idea. But since I’m full-time employed, I would profit mostly from this on the weekend. Also I’m living in Germany so maybe it won’t work out in my case anyways…

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@narthur Great idea! What is your time zone? Do you use pomodoros? What projects are you currently working on and do you use time blocking?

@matti Yeah, that could make it challenging; but I’m likely to be up for it on Sundays, too. :slight_smile:

@leo I’m EST. I haven’t been doing as much time blocking as I should. I do use a program on the Mac that tells me to look away from the screen every so often. My main projects are my day job, some contracting for another company, and TaskRatchet.

Have you guys done anything like this in the past? How does it usually work?

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Since I have been a user of Complice I used it for a while. Back then I felt that I had the subtle peer pressure since I was always sitting in the university library anyways and stopped. But nowadays it’s quite different…

My own experience was that you just show up, maybe you type something in the chat and then you just go. The feature is pretty elaborate on complice, though, with time boxing and a bunch of other things, actually. Maybe @malcolm would like to chime in? :wink:

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Yeah basically you can just show up and work. The rooms largely follow pomodoro-based schedules, which is nice for having the chance to socialize without getting lost in discussion indefinitely. You don’t even need a Complice account, although it integrates seemlessly.

Since this is the Beeminder forum, I’ll mentioned that one other thing you can do with a Complice account is beemind showing up in a room X days per week. This takes like 3 minutes to set up. Here’s a screenshot from the Beeminder Integration settings within Complice:


Woah, this is a cool idea. I’m 100% remote at my current company, and I tend to work from coffee shops so that the social contract applies.

But some days I need to WFH, and that gets trickier.

I’m on PST and I’m game to try this out.

I’m in the room now to test it out and wrap up my work week.

Hey Narthur, sorry about not getting back to you for so long.
I am currently fighting with my daily schedule as I try to increase my programming time to over 4 hours a day besides my work and other daily duties and this proofed to be much more difficult than I thought.

Would you be interested in giving this a try some day? What hours would you be interested in?

Yeah, let’s do it. :slight_smile: I try to start work about 8am EST weekdays. Jumping in the room now…

Also, just saw that ProductHunt added some light-weight coworking to their new tab browser extension. Trying it out. It’s pretty simple. You describe the task you’re working on, and then it shows that one task with a checkbox in your new tab, along with the avatars of everyone else who’s in the workspace and their current task on-hover. And you can high-five each other. :sunny:


Jumping into Complice room again for exciting times. Going to try getting in whenever it’s feasible this week, see how it affects my productivity.

Eventually I will forget I’m on video and pick my nose.

The adventure continues.


lol Yes! I’m just about done with work, so I’m afraid we’re missing each other. =P But I’m sure if we keep posting when we get on, we’ll bump into somebody eventually!

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Okay, 8am EST is not perfect. For the beginning I will just do it like @erijohns and come by whenever I can and see how it affects the hours I get in and my productivity in general.

I am in right now, if anybody wants to join :slight_smile:

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Guys guys guys there are two people in the room at the same time right now.

Come on feel the noise.


I’m on, too! We’re up to 3!

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This is the beginning of something big!

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I am going for another round and would be happy about some company! :slight_smile:

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Just joined, currently two of us.

Another day, another session, who’s in?

On for a little while, at least :slight_smile: