Interested in TaskRatchet? Can we have a conversation?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the path I’m taking TaskRatchet down (dev thread), and I’d like to start involving the community a lot more in the process. So far I haven’t had any in-depth conversations with potential users regarding how they’re hoping to use the product.

Is there anyone here who is willing to get on a call and answer some questions? It shouldn’t take more than a half-hour of your time. If so, please use this page to schedule a time!

(If you’re reading this topic months or years down the road, I still want to have a conversation with you [if not I’ll edit this topic!]; so, go ahead, reach out. :smiley: )


Absolutely, I’d be happy to. I’ve mentioned in the past that something of this sort (“Beeminder for one-off, short term goals”) is something I’d very much like. If you’re actually giving it a shot, I’d be happy to get on a call and discuss it.

I’ll send you a PM, and arrange a time.


Yeah I’d love to! PM sent

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Just had a fantastic conversation with @zzq! Lots of great insight. Still definitely looking for more people to have conversations with, so if you’re putting off reaching out, please send me a message. :smiley:

I wouldn’t really like to do a call (hi, anxiety!) but if you’d be willing to converse via email, or chat (I type fast, promise), I’d gladly assist in that way? I am available via email, Google Hangouts, Trillian Astra, Beeminder DM, Discord, carrier pigeon, smoke signals…

(I’ve been putting off saying so because I also got anxious about admitting I get anxious in public, and then decided that anxious-ception is ridiculous and at worst you will say “no, I’d rather the spontaneity of talking via voice” and I would, at least, have offered.)


@shanaqui No, that’d be great! And I’ve had my fair share of social anxiety, so no judgement there. :sweat_smile:

Of those you listed, Google Hangouts would be best for me. DM me your details?

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Just got off a great call with @matti. Thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. Still looking to have more chats with you guys! If you haven’t already, send me a private message and let’s set something up. :smiley:

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Just joined, has already helped keep me acountable! happy to have an email or message conversation like @shanaqui, i also prefer that to phone


Just a quick note, that I’m still interested in having conversations, and I’ve just set up a page on my website that should make scheduling times to talk much, much easier. So, if we still haven’t had a conversation, go ahead and hit the link to claim your slot!