Help with Draft/ Integration

Hello! So I use the Draft/Beeminder integration for tracking and keeping up with my daily word count and it has been working very well. I also use to track and find correlations as kind of a one stop life hub. The only problem is that Exist doesn’t integrate with a word count tool!

I’m not a developer but I’ve been working with one to create an integration. He’s having trouble getting in touch with the Draft developer but we’re essentially trying to pull the same information (words edited) that Beeminder pulls from Draft, so I wondered if people here could answer a question the developer has:

“By looking at the API for Draft, it’s not immediately apparent how the Words Written is calculated. The documentation in Beeminder gave some hints. There doesn’t appear to be an endpoint that gives the words written by day (something that could retrieve the source of Draft’s Word Count chart). My guess is that it would need to be calculated by pulling the list of documents and then calculating the difference between the snapshots. We need to figure out what endpoints would need to be called and what logic should be done then I could put that logic into Exist Integrations.”

I’m not sure if anyone can help with this, but I’d appreciate it if anyone has some insights!

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Hi, we are using the following endpoint to get data from draft.

We sum the words_added and words_deleted.


@bee Great, I’ll pass this along! Thanks for the help!