Help with setting up a Goal which limits my time wastage while watching YouTube Videos

Hey all !

I have been working on being more productive, at the moment i am trying to limit my time wastage on Youtube by putting in a count for the number of videos i watch on YouTube.

My goal is to gradually limit the time wastage. At the moment I allow myself to watch only three entertaining videos on YouTube a day. I wanted to start a beeminder goal where i can watch a max of three videos per day, if i watch the fourth i should get penalized for it. However, on days i do not watch YouTube I should be able to roll over the unused videos for some other day, where I may want to watch more than three videos.

I am finding it difficult to set up a goal with with the above mentioned conditions. I what appreciate if someone good could me in setting up this goal or tell me how should I go about.


If you have an Infinibee (or higher) subscription, you can use a do-less goal for this. Set the limit to 3 videos per day. If you watch less than 3 videos, those will roll over unless you retro-ratchet it.

If you don’t have a subscription, you can try using a do-more goal. (Link to another discussion about how to do this). I think philip’s example might actually be for 5 episodes per day, not 5 episodes per week?


Thanks @electriclouds.

Your idea was immensly helpful, but I did go ahead and give my goal a better sting by limiting all my unproductive time across all my gadgets by linking it with rescue time.

Thanks a ton for the idea and the help.


I tried this for instagram. I deleted the application for a week the reinstalled it, I realized I am not addicted anymore so I deleted it for another week and again reinstalled it. This made me exponentially less addictive to Instagram. Try this.


As a way to help yourself succeed with this goal, you could install an extension such as Distraction Free YouTube. (I use it on Chrome.) You can use it to block the recommended video feed and reduce the temptation you’ll have to keep watching.


Related to this I use alternative YouTube clients like FreeTube,, and NewPipe, which are generally a lot easier for me to use without excessive binging.