Hey support humans…

…you rock! :slight_smile:

Dealing with the less-than-satisfactory flic.io¹ support reminded me that it’s not normal for support people to actually read their support tickets but throw standard answers at them :frowning_face:

Despite my level of derp and the walls of text I throw at you I always got replies that were all timely, awesome and accurate and many times hilarious. So kudos to you! For me this is a big part of what makes Beeminder work for me and I think you’re doing really well in that area.

¹ I told them about problems with IFTTT showing up as “IFTTT error(null)” and “IFTTT: The request timed out.” in their app and after days got asked how many bluetooth devices are connected to my phone because that can cause problems with “the connection” :man_facepalming:


Hear hear! Beeminder support is unusually awesome and it’s really sad how used to terrible support we are.


Thank you both! Much, much credit goes to @dreev for never ever letting us get stuck in a rut of spouting platitudes or accepting that something annoying is “just the way it is”, and keeping on prodding us to work on it and think about it. :slight_smile: Never a moment of rest around here… (and that’s a good thing.)


Beeminder’s support is just on another level :slight_smile: