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Highlight PPR goals that need data for the day?


I have a number of do-less goals with PPR, and I see no indication on the dashboard about which goals need their data for the day. It would be neat if they had, say, a coloured border around the hexagon so when I review the dashboard at the end of the night I can see which things still need doing.


There should be a checkmark at the right of each row in your dashboard to indicate data has been entered today (or “today” as defined as the 24 hours before your deadline time). I’m anxious to learn if you’d not noticed that or if that’s not cutting it somehow with PPRs. Maybe that checkmark is appearing even for PPRs when it shouldn’t?


Oh yeah, the checkmark does show, but I don’t think it’s sufficient for PPR goals:

  • Sometimes the page state isn’t totally up-to-date (if you’ve entered data in another tab, say),
  • Missing data for a day on a do-more goal is normal (if it’s not something you need to do that day), so the absence of a check doesn’t universally mean “needs attention”,
  • If you don’t enter data for a PPR goal, that’s more serious. Clearing out autodestructing entries the next morning is annoying, at the very least.

There have been a few instances where I’ve done a thing, forgot to enter it, been PPR’d, got tripped over the road and had to go to support to get my pledge fixed and everything untangled. This has sometimes given me unearned safety buffer, which doesn’t help sticking to the commitment (retroratchet helps).


I have noticed that when entering data via the dashboard, the checkbox does not render until you refresh the page.


@dreev as i’m loving the Slack integration these days, it would be nice to have a /todo command that shows the goals without any data entry today!