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How can I use Beeminder to keep going to the gym


My idea is that I make a goal go to my gym GPS coords 3 times a week and stay there for at least 30minutes but I am not sure to I can do this on Beeminder


Great idea!

I use IFTTT to get close. IFTTT has a way to use your phone GPS to tell you when you get in an area. I use that to add a datapoint to my do-more gymvisits goal.

It does not make sure I am there for 30 minutes. I am not sure how to do that. My suggestion for you is to start with the IFTTT goal, and then at least you’ve made your way to the gym :slight_smile: If in a few weeks you find out you still need the 30 minute guard, figure one out then!

I do not know you or your history with this goal, but for me, sometimes creating the perfect goal is a way of procrastinating and not getting started.


Thanks. I found a couple of applets on IFTTT on the beeminder service it that do what I want except for the time spent there but it’s not important. As long as a make it to the gym is good enough for now


You can record your gym sessions on Strava and beemind the time spent on a separate goal.