How do I unfreeze a goal?

One of my goals recently reached its goal date, but I wanted to keep entering data on it.
When I go to the goal to enter data it gives me this message:

"You reached your goal date. Good work! Data submitted now will be recorded, but your graph will not update unless you unfreeze. If this shouldn’t have ended email and we’ll get it sorted out! "

What is unfreezing?
I think the help text needs to include some instructions about how to do this.

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if you hit ‘restart’ in the top left of the goal, you should be able to dial in a new goal date/rate/total to activate the goal again.


I’ve restarted the goal now.

I found the process quite confusing.
I think you might need to add ‘rethink the unfreeze process’ to the todo list.

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Absolutely true! Seems likely to be filed under suggestions for improving the road dial.

Freezing used to be the default behaviour when you derailed. Now it (mostly) only happens when you reach the goal date. And most of the time, that goal date is one that you didn’t explicitly set… so it’s a surprise when it arrives. At least I’m often surprised by it.

There are also a bunch of weird edge-case bugs that seem to occur when the goal date is imminent.

I think there’s an argument for defaulting the goal date to ‘forever’, while still letting folks set real-world end dates. Unless there’s a concrete reason for setting a goal date, you’re usually better off setting a target value and weekly rate.

Not least because the combination of a target value and a goal date means that the road gets steeper at every derailment. That could be correct behaviour if you need to write a thousand pages by the end of term, but it’s unhelpful if your aspirational goal was to weigh 180 by the 1st of June.


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