How does the "you'll get more likes" regular thing work?

This thing here:
Please tell me you hire some Italian mobster to visit the other forum users and pressure convince them to give more likes, every time this badge is handed out to someone? :wink:


Must have received 20 likes, and given 30 likes.

A bit of bad wording it seems. Those are requirements, not benefits

Edit : nope

Daily like limit increased by 2ร—

Apparently we have a daily limit of likes to give.


I have never run into a like limit. I guess this is more of a concern for large communities then.

(Coming to think of it, โ€œI have never run into a like limitโ€ sounds like I am the ultimate douchebag :smiley: )

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Possibly the related setting is not turned on.

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I feel like we do a lot of liking around here. :partying_face: