Out Of Love

this badge

is very funny to me. i don’t really have anything to add, except that I feel very elite to be one of only two people who’s ever earned it so far XD

they also gave me a little warning, “you’ll run out of likes soon,” probably 10ish or so likes before i hit 50?

i do wonder why it seems to count a 24-hour-period instead of a midnight-to-midnight window! (but maybe i’m wrong and the reset time is just a weird one for my european likes.) i did actually refrain from reading any more posts last night, so that i wouldn’t be tempted to like things, so when i read them and liked some this morning i would have expected the limit to be reset XD instead, neat badge! i guess i’ll need to level up quickly to gain more likes XD

stealth edit: it’s also hilarious how the text for the “no more likes for you for now” badge promotes likes / explains their usefulness XD it’s not likely that anyone who’s earned this badge needs that reminder, right? XD



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Update! As of today, I’m a Regular! Trust Level 3, yay!

You can now recategorize and rename topics, take advantage of more powerful spam flags, access a private lounge area, and you’ll also get lots more likes per day.

(emphasis mine)

I guess running Out Of Love now would be truly a feat XD


update: i just earned the subsequent badge:

still haven’t beaten @dreev to the hug [1], but maybe for the gold badge that’s the last of the line, we’ll see … ;)

[1] instead of punch, because love, …