How to get a notification or trigger when my goals are NOT beemergencies

I’ve been trying to set up a system for reminding me when I have beemergencies before I go to bed, because I keep invalidly derailing because I’m forgetting to check things off that I’ve done :woman_facepalming:

I thought this would be easy: just hook up a smart plug with a nightlight to ifttt, so the nightlight only turns off when all my goals are no longer red. But the only relevant ifttt trigger is “trigger when a goal BECOMES a beemergency”, which doesn’t help me at all – that would just trigger every 2am. And I don’t see a way to get an email when my goals are filled in, only when they’re due, so I can’t use beeminder Zeno reminders for this.

This seems like a problem that someone else has probably faced. Anyone have any ideas?


Perhaps a meta-goal for “check all goals before going to bed” ? Where you have to enter 1 every day and it’s always on an emergency day.

This is also perhaps a good place to advertise my “beeminder as a daily task list” hacks :slight_smile: Beeminder as task list, Tampermonkey script

I suspect that’ll just end up as another goal I have to email to cancel illegit derails on :wink: what I’m hoping for is a technological solution that reminds me in the right place and time (upstairs, right before I go to bed) instead of the wrong place (downstairs on the computer).


I think this is something we can figure out. However, I don’t know what the solution is yet :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten far at all yet, but I’m trying to solve the same problem here:


Ah, I knew I had seen someone else trying this! I’ll be honest, I’m surprised it’s turning out to be this complicated. I’m currently considering some kind of per-goal set of IFTTT triggers to mark when goals that were in the red receive data, but that’s super kludgy and going to be a PITA to keep updated.

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What’s the simplest thing here? A “had beemergencies but no longer do” trigger combined with a “there are beemergencies on at least one of my goals” trigger?

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Yes, I think so. The latter already exists in ifttt, but the former does not, as far as I can tell.

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