IFTTT trigger for "coming out of emergency"?

Any chance we can get a IFTTT trigger for “no goal is in emergency anymore” and “this specific goal is not in emergency anymore”?


I like it. And we do have some other updates to our IFTTT channel we’re planning to submit and it might be easy to add this. To help convince us, can you describe recipes you’d create with this?

I have another, and it’s even partially beethemed!

When I go into emergency, post to slack saying “buzz off folks!” and when I’m out of emergency, “ok, I’m back.”

(see also http://forum.beeminder.com/t/ifttt-trigger-for-no-more-beemergencies-today/)

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Currently I’m using a recipe for “Beemergency any goal -> post to Slack channel”. It is awkward that there’s no way to send an all-clear signal for the day into that Slack channel. I could write a script that examines the state whenever any goal gets any data added (triggered via IFTTT), but that seems awfully tedious.

Also, assuming that the trigger would fire for a day where there’s 0 emergencies at the start (I hope it would), I could integrate it into Tasker so that when I plug my phone into the charger at night, I get a prompt / alarm sound if Tasker hasn’t gotten the all-clear for the day. It would be easier to have IFTTT push this info to Tasker than to make Tasker interrogate Beeminder whenever the phone gets plugged in.


@dreev Not sure if this is the best place to post this but…

I am debating a new goal idea which would be very easy with a new IFTTT trigger. The goal would be Do More “Number of goals you added data to today”. The idea would be to keep me working on non-eep goals.

The Datapoint added to any goal trigger almost does this, but I would want it to be limited to firing once per day for each goal. I don’t know how annoying it would be to make a stateful IFTTT trigger?

Alternatively, could we have an aggday that de-dupes data points with identical comments?

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Wait, how would the actual aggday function work for that?

Your post here makes it look like the aggday functions just get the numeric data points, and if that is true then it is impossible. But if they actually get the data point object from the API, then you could just drop data points with a comment that already exists with an earlier timestamp?

To be clear, though, I think the IFTTT trigger would be preferable if it is doable. :slight_smile:


Ah, yeah, that’s not how aggday works. Even if it had access to the comments (which might be worthwhile for some kinds of aggregation – like you you could do weighted averages or something or indicate priorities) it doesn’t change what the raw datapoints are, just outputs a number as the official, plotted datapoint based on the raw datapoints.

Er, right, so I guess for each aggday that exists today, you would have a “de-dupe based on comments and then aggregate”. For this particular use case I would want de-dupe and then sum.

Or if you’re not a fan of combinatorial explosion you could make “de-dupe based on comments” a pre-aggday setting.

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I see now. Yeah, definitely should be orthogonal to aggday. Of course it’s rare that someone would want to enforce unique comments like that so I’m loathe to even have that be a setting. To make sure I understand the proposal, there’d be an advanced setting to automagically delete datapoints with the same comment as a previous datapoint (on that day)?

Yes, I suppose something like that. But please note this is only if I can’t get the IFTTT trigger mentioned in IFTTT trigger for "coming out of emergency"? - #5 by drtall . I’d rather have the IFTTT trigger! :slight_smile: