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The Bee Pi Light

Beeminder generously provided me the parts to build a Raspberry Pi Beeminder traffic light (thank you so much @mary && @dreev!) , provided I beemind the project and create resources for anyone else who would like to build one to be able to follow along, use my code, etc. I’ll be posting updates in this thread, and making sure I do that using this goal:

So far I’ve pulled everything out of the box, plugged in the Pi, and realized I have to install Raspbian on a mini SD card before I can really get down to business.

A few pictures to tease:

And a parts list:



Working on intsalling Raspbian on my micro sd card. Not sure if I’m going to need to boot directly off the pi, with a monitor and keyboard, mouse, to finish the installation, or if I can do everything remotely without needing to connect a monitor directly to it. Has anyone done this before?


I’ve gone ahead and purchased an adapter so I can connect a display directly to the pi:

I have, it’s easy. Here are my notes:

Raspberry PI Headless

$ cd /Volumes/boot
$ touch ssh
$ code nano wpa_supplicant.conf
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

$ ssh pi@raspberrypi.local

The default password for the pi-user on a clean Raspbian install is raspberry.

Maybe wpa_supplicant.conf needs:


Worked for me without this, though.


You are giving me ideas! My acrylics supplier of choice got these shinies:


Which as it so happens is a pretty good (if you don’t look to hard) match for the Beeminder goal status colours:


And there is this handy dandy bad boy of a laser cutter:

I won’t be doing anything but cramming until the 9th but afterwards… Well there is this little dashboard that wants some attention, too. But THEN I ma totally beat you to this :stuck_out_tongue: Nah just kidding. Or am I? Wanna make a bet?

I would arrange those in a hexagon pattern and not a traffic light. Hm… :thinking:


Haha, some friendly competition! You’re on. :sweat_smile:

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