How to make the Y axis non-cumulative


I hope this isn’t a silly question. I’m trying to make a goal to get me to do x amount of squats per week, starting with about 40 a week and working my way up to a bigger number.

Whenever I use the ‘Do More’ option to make my graph it only gives me a cumulative y axis. How do I change this? The settings don’t appear to have an option for this

Thank you.

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The short answer is that it isn’t possible. The long answer is probably Why Beeminder likes cumulative graphs


Thank you drtall, it’s good to know I wasn’t missing anything. I guess I’ll fiddle around with my graph so that I’m still achieving my goal but with a cumulative measurement.

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You can use the odometer goal type for your goal and it will be non-cumulative and the rate will be your actual improvement. It works best if you are intending to make steady progress to a goal number. It doesn’t work so well for committing to do a specific stable amount of squats per week - the do more type is better for that.

I’ve used odometer type goals to enforce progression on fitness goals. Just set the rate to your desired improvement rate. Here, I improved my consecutive press ups by 2.8 per week to reach the goal of being able to do 20 by the end of 2014.

Compare my goal above with @dreev’s cumulative push ups goal. You might also want to note that his is still going and mine stopped over a year ago when I reached the goal.:sweat_smile: So choose carefully and respond appropriately once you reach your goal!

You will have to set up a new goal for this or get support to switch it over if you want the odometer type.