How to not be late

Hello I want to set a goal to stop being late but I’ve tried and I am not sure how I should set the goal for it to work effectively. The aim for me is to be minimum 0 min late, me being in advance multiple times not leading to a derail. How should I set it please? Thank you very much!


Hi there!

I had a similar problem, and what I did was I just set up a simple “late to work” do-less goal. Every time I’m late to work I enter a 1 there. The rate is 0.25 per day (and I have a cap of 2 on this goal so I can’t have too much of a buffer). You might play with the numbers, but you get the idea.

It has a drawback that it doesn’t differentiate between being 5 seconds late and 1 hour late, but the advantages are: (1) it is simple and (2) it works for me.