Goal with no input needed until triggered

I want to be able to log violin practice and have it due in the morning. I also want to submit a link with the practice recording but later in the day because I’m not accessing my phone to do that part until later in the afternoon. The practice session will be recorded on my watch btw. My thought was to have two goals. One where I can check off the practice being done (from watch) and use an IFTTT trigger to post a negative to another goal which will cause the practice submission link to be due by midnight. The problem is I just cant leave the goal at 0… I have to do a more or less goal with some other number. Any suggestions?

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I’ve got a couple of flat goals like that, where an IFTTT trigger causes it to need work.

The workaround to not being able to specify an initial rate of 0 is to specify an initial rate of 0.000000001 or something, which you then change to zero once the goal is in place.

My own wish would be that the triggering event also sets the deadline, e.g. gives me 24h to get it done. That shouldn’t be a problem in your case, because it’s your own practice that triggers the trigger.

Cool example of related goals!

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Ahhh! Thanks! That’s what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

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