How to set up a 30 days challenge (starting retroactively)?

Hi there,

I am wondering how to set up a 30 days challenge, during which I am committed to do 1.00 thing a day.

I committed to 1 per day, then in the goal settings I modified the goal total to 30. Since I’ve already started my challenge 2 days ago, I was wondering if is there any change to make the track start retroactively.

Can anyone help?

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  1. Go to the goal’s settings tab > graph settings
  2. Change the X-min to the start date you want
  3. On the “Enter Data” box, click on “Advanced Entry” which will allow you to input data for any day

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks for helping, unfortunately I couldn’t be able to fix with this help. I’ve been able to add data before the starting date of the challenge, but I couldn’t be able to make the challenge start two days ago and keep the 30 days commitment.

the problem is that I can’t update the end data of the challenge keeping the same at 30 units, 1 per day.

Ah. In that case, I’d recommend sending a message to support and they might be able to figure something out for you: