How to tell the exact cumulative total?

How can I tell the exact cumulative total value on the y-axis?

The statistics tab under your graph on the website will tell you the current level.

Caveat: I think that’s the current level of the road rather than the cumulative total of the data. But since you also know how much safety buffer you’ve got, you can calculate it if you need the extra precision.

What are you serious? That’s ridiculous, given that most goals are “do more” goals. There is no cumulative value?

I don’t understand your method of calculation and don’t think your method will work if one has changed their commitment rates. Regardless, it is a retarded way to tell one’s cumulative value.

Without cumulative value, it is very difficult to track how much value added today when the number is getting big.

Or bring the number in Beeminder to equal that in my Anki deck!

No response from developer?

Look at the the Statistics tab and the Goal Progress section. The line labeled “Now” is the cumulative total of your data. I just confirmed with one of my goals by exporting a CSV and summing the value column.


Thanks @dehowell for taking the time to confirm how it works!

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