Is there some smart way to see how do-more changed within last year?

I have two do-more goals used to track how much time I spend on working on my projects.

I want to use them to give update to other people how much time I spend on them

Is there easier way to do this than to download CSV data and parse datapoints (value, date)?


Can you share the link to them? I believe it’s something like “[your username]/[your goalname]”. You can test whether that shows what you want it to show by copying it into a private browser (or logging out).

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The statistics tab on your goal’s webpage will tell you the current total, which you could capture regularly in a spreadsheet and do the comparison that way. I think it’d be a cool addition (UVI!) to that tab’s goal progress section to show how much has been accomplished in the last month/year/whatever.

Also, in the settings tab, under graph settings you can specify an ‘x-min’ of the start date to display on the graph, so you can eyeball estimate the starting total for whatever period.

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