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Fool-proof guide to command line use?

I’ve been trying to install Malcolm’s Nodejs command line interface, but it’s Greek to me:

Would anyone have some step-by-step, exceedingly simple instructions on how to install and use it? Adding data, seeing deadlines just the very basic, mundane stuff.

For example, the following may be obvious to you but I cannot understand it at all:

Now supports both callbacks and promises. All methods return a promise whether you pass it a callback or not. Refer to the beeminder API docs for information on goal creation parameters or what will be returned when calling these endpoints.

Thank you in advance


I believe the confusion might be due to that documentation and library being mainly meant to be used as a programming library, so some of the sentences in the readme (such as those you quoted) refer to that.

I haven’t used that project personally, but I believe the part that you should look at is this:

you’d run first sudo npm install --global beeminder, then bm which should check your authentication status, then you can try the commands below, for instance bm status to see deadlines or bm createdatapoint pushups 10 "Did 10 pushups!" to add a datapoint to a pushup goal.


Thanks for your help. Through some past fiddling I had managed to install the thing, I tried bm status and then it authenticated me and now it works

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