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I need to set `Display Precision` to 0.2

Apparently, it only has a few predefined settings. Why is that so?

It’s purely a client-side restriction: whenever I’ve wanted to set a display precision other than one of the defaults, I’ve used the browser dev tools to add the option I wanted to the select box.

I think that the only reason it’s restricted to a predefined list of settings in the UI was that as an unrestricted input field the format you were supposed to use was rather confusing. I don’t think that there is any principled objection to disallowing other choices of precision, just that this was a way to reduce the potential for confusion.


Wow, so obvious! Thanks, it worked, though it feels like an ugly hack (of course).

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Ha, @zzq :heart_eyes:!

And @mbork, I’m so curious what your use case is!

Background reading:

And quoting from our internal ticket about this:

It would solve all the confusion with people thinking they should say “0” for “zero decimal places” instead of “1” for “round to the nearest integer”.

Adam noticed that Airtable does this!


Airtable is probably an ASE (app or startup to emulate).

@bee: like yes, technically there could be use cases for setting something like a precision of 10000 or 0.5 or whatever, but… i don’t know. maybe you have to set those through the api…

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Well, I have quite a few goals about things to do once per day with a daily rate of 0.8 and buffer cap of 2 days. Due to floating point rounding I often see that I need to do “0.7” of them today and similar things. I really want to see this as a multiple of 0.2.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty curious why you want to see them rounded to the nearest even decimal place. I have plenty of goals where I want to see them rounded to integers, or rounded to the nearest 0.1 decimal place, but I can’t come up with a reason I’d want to see slightly wrong decimals.

Here’s a use case for unusual precisions: ideally, my tagtime goals would have a precision of rounding up to the next 0.75 hours, i.e. an integer number of pings