Idea - Daily buffer change

I have an idea for a change meter next to the goal title that would turn green/red depending on if you’re ahead of or behind today’s schedule. Say, if my goal is to read x pages in a book daily, if i read x + 10 pages in a day, it will turn green (maybe also the change, 10 pages), since it’s more than the daily goal. Respectively, if i don’t read anything for a day, it would be red (change: -x).

It could be useful for those (like me) who often get lousy and don’t think about a goal until right before derailment on an eep day. I think it would improve daily habits and probably decrease the frequency of those eep days. Im not sure what effect it would have on burnout.

I’m sure this doen’t work on every goal, and also that not everyone want it, so it should preferably be toggleable in the settings for each goal, like the “turquoise swath” and “moving average” settings.

As for what it would look like, an idea could be somthing like the icons from the conditional formatting in Excel, or choosing from emojis like :smile:/:frowning_face: or :+1:/:-1:
Maybe even enable users to use a custom image? That’s just my idea.

I’d love to get feedback and improvements about what you think :smile:


I made something quasi related: It makes a crappy dashboard like