Feature request: Goals for certain days

Some goals I’d like to have only for monday-friday. so what I do now is create the goal with a buffer then ratchet accordingly so that it starts on monday.

it would be nice if there were check boxes that allowed me to select which days the goal applies to.


Me, too! I write blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but can’t quite figure out how to make that… a… thing.


Apologies for bumping an old thread, but I was curious if this was a thing and it led me here. Doesn’t seem to have been much discussion - is this a feature anyone else would appreciate?

I imagine it only really makes a difference in setting the goal numbers, for example, I pick a daily rate and multiplied by 5 to choose a goal I can skip at weekends.

But it might also make the graphs more meaningful if they ‘knew’ which days I actually attempted the goal and only displayed them - currently I expect my graphs will have regular cycles of flat for two days then sloped (steeper than the YBR) for 5, and so on. I’ll always be spending the week building an irrelevant buffer, for it to be eroded at the weekends.

That feels psychologically very different to following or beating a YBR that is the actual shape I intend it to be when I start.

Counterpoint: perhaps this will motivate me to work more at weekends, and thus set my goal even higher.

Counter-counterpoint: I’m not sure that would be a wholly good thing.

Interested in thoughts or in being pointed at similar discussion I’ve missed.


It also makes a huge difference for when your eep! days happen. For example, I have several goals which I can only accomplish at work. So logically it makes no sense for them to eep! on a Saturday or a Sunday, but when they do I just weasel into Monday.

I realize I “should” just build up the buffer you are talking about, but if I were good at doing things in advance of when I need to I wouldn’t be using Beeminder.


Ha, so true!

And good point, I hadn’t considered that beeminder has no idea that an eep day makes no sense on a Saturday or Sunday for some goals.

My plan is to remain motivated enough by the thought of having to weasel over the weekend that it will ensure I build up a sufficient buffer by Friday, but it isn’t a ‘natural’ way to think about the goal. No idea yet what impact that will have long-term.


My experience was that it turns Friday’s into surprise eep days, and it’s worse because you have to do 3x as much as a normal eep day to also clear the weekend. Once you have a few of those coincide you’re in for a horrible day.

This could be fixed if Beeminder included better road control tools.